Rich Oliver's Mystery School | Babes in the Dirt Training Camp

We are thrilled to partner with Rich Oliver’s Mystery School to offer a Ladies Only Training Camp! R.O.M.S. Fun Camp weekend is a mix of off-road skills training day followed by a day of flat track training. This is a great opportunity to gain control, gain confidence and gain skills. only 12 spots available so read all the info below and sign up quick!

babes in the dirt
babes in the dirt

Babes in the Dirt Training Camp at Rich Oliver’s Mystery School

Where: Rich Oliver’s Mystery School Prather, California (in the foothills of the Sierras) 28971 Auberry Road, Prather, CA 93651

When: December 14 – 15, 2019

What: Ladies Only Off-Road and Flat Track Training Camp

On Saturday, December 14, the curriculum will take students on an off-road riding adventure on our 13-acre designated facility where you will learn how to ride over multiple whoops, through a rock filled stream crossing, up a challenging and winding hill climb, over actual logs, over many small jumps, through the woods with tight turns, through sand and mud and much more!

Learn correct body position for any type of terrain you may encounter on your trail or adventure bike and be prepared for it all!

On Sunday, December 15, we will switch to flat track riding where Rich uses a step by step process to teach you how to slide your bike into the corners with skill and confidence.  You will experience flat track riding drills and practice riding on our groomed and customized flat tracks.

Gain Skills! Gain Confidence! Gain Control!

Tuition of $649.00 includes a training motorcycle, lunch, drinks, snacks, photos, video and steel shoe.  There is no damage deposit.  Gear rental, if needed, is $80 and can be added to your cart separately. 

There are only 12 open spots to make sure and reserve your spot asap. Click below to sign up

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Fun Camp

Have more questions? Contact info for Rich Oliver Mystery School below:

Rich Oliver's Mystery School
Office: (559) 855-3089
Text: (559) 970-1928

babes in the dirt
babes in the dirt
babes in the dirt

Babes in the Dirt East | Everything You Need to Know

We are so excited that you will be joining us for the first annual Babes in the Dirt East event! We wanted to consolidate all of the info for the event in one email. At this time, all admission tickets and transfer options have ended.

Gates open at 10AM sharp on Friday 9/20/19. There will be no access to the park prior to that. As you arrive please have your ID ready and the registration team will get you checked in and parked in your camp spot. Friendly reminder, if you are under 18, you must  be accompanied by an adult to enter the property and take part in the event. 

 Location: I81 Motorsports Park: 3507 W Pines RD Greeneville, TN 37745

Mandatory riders meeting at 12:00PM on the main camp stage

  • Event schedule: click Here

  • Concession stand menu: click HEREYou are welcome to bring your own food and beverage on site as well

At this time, pre registration for classes and demos have shut down. If you missed out, please check to see if any spots are still available when you arrive on site.

  • DC Dirt Camp Bike Rentals and New Rider Class: click Here

  • Ashley Fiolek MX Schools are completely full on Friday and Saturday BUT if you would like to drop in to the class on Sunday make sure and bring $100 cash to join. Click Here for more info.

  • Moto Anatomy Flat Track Training has a handful of open spots throughout the weekend. If you decide you would like to join please bring $100 cash on site. Click Here for more info.

 What to bring:

  • Towel & toiletries for the showers

  • Headlamp or flashlight for after dark

  • Gas for your bike

  • Plenty of water

  • Cash for merch or the concession stand

  • Food if you don’t want to eat at the concession stand

  • All your riding gear

  • All your camping gear

  • Portable phone charge (there is nowhere to charge your phone on site)

  • Sunscreen

  • Camp chair

Gates close at 2pm sharp on Sunday. Please make sure you that you are loaded up and headed home before 2pm. We will see ya next year!


  • Name on ticket must match ID

  • Ladies only (except for park staff)

  • Event is 16+ and anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult

  • Helmets ON anytime a bike is in motion

  • Buddy system only! Please do not go out into the woods by yourself. There are plenty of other riders on site who would join you!

  • No drinking and riding

  • No burn outs or hot doggin’

  • Trash must be properly disposed of. Please help us keep the site clean & leave no trace

  • Wristbands must be worn at all times

  • Parking decals must stay visible in rear-views

  • No Eazy Ups are allowed to be set up for safety reasons.

  • No burning of anything at your camping space. There will be a bonfire each night.

  • No one is allowed to hang banners or signage at their camp site.

  • No one is permitted to sell or handout anything on site (no stickers, flyers, business cards etc). We spend countless hours cleaning these items up as people trash them 99% of the time and again, it's not fair to our sponsors.



We are excited to be joining Babes in the Dirt in the East! Husqvarna Motorcycles will be bringing 10 demo motorcycles for novice to experienced riders. Beginning with the small displacement bikes, best for those who might not be comfortable on the larger bikes, we have two, 2020 TC 85’s. From there the bikes go up in engine size and seat height. Read on for a brief overview of bikes that will be available at this event and visit for full model range and technical specifications. 

The 2020 line up for Babes in the Dirt East will comprise of new and updated models. One of them being the all new TE 150i, which is an enduro-specific bike that is lightweight and nimble. The smooth power delivery, with the latest generation chassis and advanced WP suspension offers the rider maximum control in any conditions. This model will be lowered by shortening the Rear Shock 50mm, which lowers the seat height from 37.4'' to roughly 35''. The forks are also lowered 50mm balancing out the front and rear of the bike. 

2020 TC 85 19/16 is our big wheel 85cc. This bike has the same engine as our standard size 85cc but with larger wheels, a 19’’ front wheel and a 16’’ rear this is a great bike for someone who wants a lower seat height with a lightweight chassis, a lower seat height gives a new rider the necessary confidence to feel comfortable while riding and stopping. 

56866_85 TC le_front_MY20.jpg
56867_85 TC le_rear_MY20.jpg

2020 TC 125 is our standard size Motocross bike with a 21'' front wheel and a 19'' rear wheel. This bike is the natural progression for a rider who is out growing their 85cc and wants something bigger but with a minimal jump in power; perfect for those who are still gaining confidence in the dirt.

58827_TC 125 2020.jpg
58828_TC 125 2020.jpg

2020 FC 250 is a standard size Motocross bike and raced by the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Team in the 250/lights class. It features a 21'' front wheel and a 19'' rear wheel.  These models will be lowered by shortening the Rear Shock 50mm, which lowers the seat height from 38.19'' to roughly 36''. 

58833_FC 250 2020.jpg
58834_FC 250 2020.jpg

2020 TE 250i is the big sister to our all new TE 150i, this too is direct injected which means no mixing oil or making jetting changes. It comes with a 21'' front wheel and a 19'' rear wheel. These bikes will be available for demo at the stock seat height of 37.4'' And lowered 50mm.

61593_TE 250i USA MY20 90-Left.jpg
61594_TE 250i USA MY20 90-Right.jpg

Demos are 18+ and are restricted to intermediate riders only. To learn more and to register for the demo rides click below: