Roll Call | Meet Jaime Leigh Schulte @thunder732

Dirt bikes are often thought of as a family sport. Not everyone was fortunate enough to grow up riding dirt bikes with their family. Some of us found our passion for off-roading a bit later in life. Meet Jaime! She bought her first dirt bike before even knowing how to kick start the darn thing. She already knew it was going to be something she loved. Read her story and how she went from watching youtube videos to figure out how to run her bike to racing enduro races. 

Babes in the Dirt

What is your name?

My real name is Jaime Leigh Schulte, but most people call me either Jaime Jam, or Thunder.

Where are you from?

I was born in Carroll Iowa, and raised in Summit County Colorado. 

Where do you live now?

Eagle, Colorado.  

What do you do for a living?

After seven years of teaching snowboarding for Beaver Creek, and Co-Founding a non-profit called Duchess Ride along side two of my best friends, I have moved onto slingin’ dirt bike parts at MotoSource Colorado, and working with my fiance on our newest journey DecalsByDesignCO.  

When were you first introduced to riding dirt? Who introduced you?

Not that long ago! July 2015. Honestly it was pretty random, maybe an early mid-life crisis, I’m not sure. I made up my mind one day that I wanted a dirt bike and that was that. My daughter Skyler posted a on her Facebook telling all my friends she wanted help with my 35th Birthday present! A BIKE! I took the money all my friends pitched in and added a bit more to make my budget $1000, trolled Craig's list and found a KX100. I’d never ridden a bike, knew nothing about bikes, but drove about an hour to go look at this one. I had the guy ride it up the street for me....looked rad with all the colors, and sponsors on the graphics so I bought it. haha. I drove straight home and sat on the couch, computer in my lap, franticly searching you tube for how to ride a dirt bike, watched for about 15 minuets and right back out the door I went. I had my friend Maddy with me, we drove to a dirt road, somehow un loaded the bike from my truck, fumbled with starting it for at least 30mins. (didn’t know what or where the choke was) Got that thing fired up and the rest is history! I ripped up and down that road for over an hour never even getting out of 2nd gear, my face hurt so bad from smiling, I called my man, told him he better buy a bike if he ever wanted to see me again. So he did! TRUE FREAKING STORY 

How long have you been riding?

About 350 hours :) hahaha but for real. 

Why do you like riding dirt?

Oh my gosh.....why do I like riding dirt? I don’t think there is one thing I don’t like about it. I’m kinda a balls-to-wall type of girl with everything I do so riding a dirt bike just fit my personality. I love the challenge, I love that I can’t think about dumb shit when I’m on my bike, I love feeling exhausted after a good ride, I love that I’m “working out” without working out, the friends I’ve made are beyond worth it, the places I’ve seen, the feelings of accomplishment, working through fears, tears, and sometimes physical pain, I love seeing the dirt wash out of my hair in the shower, and how bright my smile is when my face is super dirty. :) 

Run us through the list of bikes you have had?

2000 KX100, 2016 KTM 150sx, and my newest love the 2018 Husqvarna TE250!! 

 What do you ride now?

2018 Husqvarna TE250

If you could have 2 bikes what would your other bike be?

Thats a great question, I would have liked to keep the 150sx as a second bike, but I’m not even sure why. I suppose just cause we went through a lot together, and I can’t lie, I secretly loved ripping that bike the same places the guys do on their big bikes. Learning to get power out of a smaller bike, clutch control, and having ownership over your bike is an amazing feeling. However if I base this off of other peoples opinions I’d have to get a 250 4 stroke, but in my 3 years of riding, the 4stroke just doesn't make me smile like the 2 smokers.

Tell us what you love about the bike you ride now?

I’ve only had my bike a few weeks now, and its winter here so my riding has been somewhat limited, so far I can tell you having electric start is a game changer, especially being short. I think its pretty neat you can make so many adjustments such as the pre load which is right on top of the xplor forks, or change how hard it hits with the three different power valve springs depending on what you're riding. The clutch is so smooth and it can crawl up anything! It’s a lot of bike to hold on to for sure, but Husqvarna makes it possible to fine tune so many things. 

What kind of terrain do you like riding the best?

Definitely a single track fan, rocky, ledgy, loggy, yummy goodness.

What kind of terrain is a challenge for you but you want to master?

The most technical, gnarly woods riding. I day dream of completing a hard enduro one day. 

What is the most challenging riding experience you have had?

The most challenging ride to date happened to be a two day enduro race, The Shady Burro Enduro! Check it out, South Fork Colorado! RMEC. I raced it last August on the 150sx, its possible I was on the smallest bike there. Day one, test one was a huge wake-up call and that was just the beginning of a 100 mile day. A constant climb, with loose rock, mud, diagonal roots, and other riders, I was defiantly worried about what I had ahead of me. Day two was even more difficult, we rode a little further this day and I was still feeling the first hundred miles. I did my best to pace myself, and tried super hard not to make mistakes. I wasn’t all that successful. However, I finished the day on the gnarliest rocky road. It was absolutely relentless. I couldn’t feel my triceps. My thighs felt like tree stumps. My forearms rock solid, and I was starting to lose it mentally! Seriously, I cried, screamed, and laughed my way to the finish line. 

Where are some of your favorite places to ride?

Some of my current favorite places to ride here in Colorado are McCoy, Rifle, and De Beque.  

What is on you moto bucket list to ride?

100% I have to go ride McNutt, BC, Canada! Instagram makes it look sick :) 

Do you ride with a lot of other female riders?

Ummmmm, kinda. Well, okay lets be real, most of the time I’m am chasing the boys though the woods. However, there are a handful of girls I like to rip with around here. Nicole, Chelsea, Julie, Jackie, Lauren,  I probably shouldn't start name dropping cause I’m sure to forget some. I also started a FaceBook group called “Eagle County Moto Chicks” and hosted a couple ladies ride days last summer, and plan to do it each month this coming summer. 

Do you have anyone in the moto world that you look up to?

I look up to everyone, the novice rider and the expert rider, the pros sending it at Erzberg, to the local pros I have to pleasure to ride with here in my back yard. There is something to learn from everyone, even if it’s how NOT to do something. We are all human, it’s not always the riding that blows my mind but the obvious dedication someone has, its freaking contagious and gets me so hyped. 

 What was our experience at Babes in the Dirt/Babes Ride Out events?

My first Babes Ride in the Dirt experience was last April, and it was amazing from the moment we loaded up the camper in Colorado. Pulling up to camp was unreal, babes, babes and more babes on dirt bikes! How cool is that! The atmosphere was positive, and welcoming! Night life was hilarious, weather was perfect, riding was exceptional, Husqvarna demos, clinics, and tips were amazing, the 50cc races were comical, and the people! WOW, the people were off the charts awesome. I left feeling empowered, refreshed, and ready to plan for the next one. 

What advice do you have for someone thinking about getting in to riding dirt?

Age is just a number, dress for the crash, you gotta learn to go slow, to go fast. YouTube is awesome, but nothing beats some real life instruction from someone other than your significant other, cause we all know how that goes. If you’re thinking about it, go for it!!!