Fox Women's Athlete Exclusive | Meet Ashley Fiolek

Fox Women's has been supporting women who ride for years. It's clear they genuinely care about ladies getting involved in the sport by creating incredible protection gear that fits and by cheering them on the entire way. We are so proud to have them a part of Babes in the Dirt over the past few years and wanted to highlight and celebrate a few of the women that represent their brand on two wheels. Our first Fox Women's athlete feature needs no introduction. She's the fast as hell, a true phenomenon to watch ride, and one of the kindest and inspiring ladies you will meet on two wheels, meet Motocross Champion Ashley Fiolek. 

Ashley Fiolek : Arguably one of the most iconic women in the action sports industry is 27-year-old former professional motocross athlete Ashley Fiolek. Ashley has broken down more barriers than most to say the least, not only because she was born profoundly deaf, but because she was a female in a male dominated industry. The Michigan native had big dreams of becoming a professional women’s motocross racer, not only did she achieve this dream but was a forced to be reckoned with! Ashley was the first ever women motocross racer to earn a full factory ride like her male counterpart. Along with earning a full factory ride Ashley is a four-time WMA/WMX National Motocross Champion and two-time ESPN X Games Gold Medalist (Women’s Super X).

Her success and inspirational story skyrocketed her into mainstream media with an Emmy award winning Red Bull commercial and appearances on, Conan O'Brien and “Switched At Birth.” Ashley gained worldwide coverage and is the only women motocross racer to appear on a cover of a nationwide publication, Transworld Motocross Magazine. She has graced the pages of, Vogue, Sports Illustrated, and Rolling Stone Magazine and is the co-author of her book “Kicking Up Dirt.” Although Ashley no longer races she spreads her passion and love for motocross through her riding school, Ashley Fiolek MX Schools and is a brand ambassador for Husqvarna Motorcycles and Fox Racing.

How long have you been working with Fox and what do you enjoy most about being a part of the team and representing the brand?

I rode for Fox when I was amateur so it was cool to come back in 2016 as an ambassador.  I love all the Moto, MTB gear and clothes that really fit me and my lifestyle. I also like the comradery of the women who ride and work for Fox and like being associated with a brand that supports current top women racers like Livia Lancelot, Jordan Jarvis, Courtney Duncan, Kyle Fasnacht, and Shelby Rolen.

Where are you from originally, and where do you live currently?

I was born in Michigan and my family moved to Florida when I was 8.  I lived in California for a few years but I am back in Florida now close to my family

When did you start riding dirtbikes, and what inspired you?

I started riding dirt bikes when I was really young and started racing at 7 years old.  Both my dad and grandpa ride dirt bikes.

What inspired you to start AF MX School?

I wanted to help other riders be safer and faster on a dirt bike. I still love riding too so it makes doing the schools really fun. I also love seeing riders (especially women and kids) gain confidence after learning a new riding skill. 

You’ve ridden the best tracks, which one was your favorite to ride and why?

Honestly, that is tough one! I'd say RedBud because the track is absolutely a blast and super rough which I love the challenge. Also, I'm from Michigan so it was awesome to have all the fans out there to cheer me on at my favorite track.

Do you have a desire to compete in Women’s Motorcross again?

I don’t see myself racing Women’s Motocross professionally, may a fun one-off race and I still like doing an off-road race for fun here and there

Tell us about any plans you have for 2018.

Right now I am focused on my schools and a few personal projects back in Florida. I hope to spend a lot of free time on trails and motocross tracks and on my mountain bike.

What advice would you give other women who want to participate in Motorcross? 

I'd tell them to not give up. Keep working hard and reach your own dream. Hard work pays off. Most important is to have fun while you're working hard to reach your dream. Also, anything is possible! :)