Thousand Oaks Powersports | Here to Help | Babes in the Dirt 4

There is nothing worse then getting all loaded up and out to the trails just to find out you have a bike issue. Last Year Thousand Oaks Powersports was on site and available to help! They fixed 68 bikes throughout the weekend and educated many on important bike maintenance!  Cannot wait to have them back again at Babes Ride Out 4. Read on to learn more about the shop and hear some recommendations on some pre-ride maintenance. 

babes in the dirt

How do I….?

It’s a question we don’t get asked enough.

A few decades ago a pro motocross racer named Jef Harriott wanted to open a motorcycle shop because he loved motorcycles and enjoyed hanging out with like minded people. He quickly discovered the knowledge he gained from riding and racing was the thing his customers needed the most. Back then we were known as Thousand Oaks Yamaha. Now we’re Thousand Oaks Powersports and our shop is filled with Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM, Triumph, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Genuine, Vespa and Piaggio motorcycles and scooters as well as thousands of parts, accessories, and clothing options. As our brand selection started to grow so did our knowledge and experience. Today we are a team of over 50 motorcycle riding enthusiasts who are here to help you answer the “how do I” questions.

Last year at Babes in the Dirt 3 we got to answer a lot of those questions. Last year we fixed 68 bikes in a day and a half! We installed several spark arrestors, replaced loads of levers, a couple brake and clutch cables, dead batteries, flat tires and a few other things. We lost track of how many carb cleans we attempted but it was a lot! If you were there you heard us firing up bikes and revving them up till the exhaust popped a few times to clean out gummed up fuel systems. We definitely had our hands full and we honestly can’t wait to go back and do it again! So many smiling faces make the work worthwhile!

The two biggest problems we faced were spark arrestors and carburetors. If you do ride a carbureted bike be sure to get your carburetor and fuel tank cleaned before you go! The fuel in your gas tank will begin to go bad after 17 days. Unfortunately you can’t just shake up the gas to mix it again. If you don’t empty and clean the tank then you might immediately clog your carb when you start the bike. Also, make sure you have a spark arrestor! 

Last year we had the opportunity to help educate a lot of riders on a wide variety of subjects from how to do basic bike maintenance to rivetting a spark arrestor on an exhaust pipe. We showed riders how to drain the fuel from a carb when it got flooded. We showed newer riders how to kick start bikes. We helped people figure out what gear would suit them for their style of riding to why the EPS liner in a helmet is so important. Did you know that if you wear glasses there is a goggle you can wear that will fit over your glasses? Fortunately we had a set last year for one rider who forgot her goggles at home!

Our Thousand Oaks Powersports/Yamaha National Trackside Support crew will be on site for Babes In The Dirt 4. Bring us your “how do I” questions. We’re here to help!