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While all the trails in Hungry Valley are clearly marked as Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced; they each have character all their own! I have put together some recommendations to help you navigate the park and make sure each rider has a great time! Check it out! if you need recommendation throughout the weekend feel free to ask a ranger or myself ! - Anya

Babes in the Dirt 5

Heading out of camp:

Step 1: Grab a trail map. They will be available on site. These are super easy to follow and will help you navigate out and back.

Step 2: Grab a buddy. Buddy system only! We much prefer that no one venture out solo for safety purposes.

Step 3: fill up your camel pack or water bottle and make sure your gas tank is full. There are so many fun trails to explore and some can be quite a trek. Pack a snack, stay hydrated and have some fun!

The Hungry Valley Trail Map can be found HERE

Exiting Quail Canyon Event Space:

For Beginner riders there is only 1 way to leave Quail Canyon and that is on North Pronghorn Trail. Please do not take South Pronghorn as you will encounter a salt rock wall climb that is actually super fun but not meant for beginners by any means. I have included a video of North Pronghorn Trail so that you can see what it is like.

Salt Rock Wall on South Pronghorn

Salt Rock Wall on South Pronghorn

Intermediate and Advanced Riders can exit Quail Canyon and access trails via:

1. North Pronghorn: Easy.

2. South Pronghorn: Chill but has a salt rock wall climb that can hold people up a bit.

3. Quail Pass Trail: hill climb that takes you up and over the ridge.

3 trails that exit Quail Canyon event space

3 trails that exit Quail Canyon event space



New to moto:

I have been on a dirt bike less than 5 times. I am not fully comfortable operating a dirt bike yet or do not know how to at all.

I recommend spending your time on the beginner track and  trail loops within the Quail Canyon Event Area. You will get plenty of action and experience a variety of terrain. Plus you are close to camp! Both the North Loop and South Loop within Quail Canyon are 2-way trails so if you encounter anything that you feel uncomfortable with you can simply turn around and go back the other way. Easy!


I know how to operate a dirt bike. I am comfortable with shifting and braking. I am comfortable off-road but am still learning how to ride different terrain.

If you want to head out and see some of the trails around the park definitely stick to the clearly marked GREEN trails. If you leave camp make sure and take the North on Pronghorn trail. It is the easiest way in and out of camp. See video below to get a visual of what that trail is like.  From North Pronghorn Trail you will connect to Powerline Road which is the easiest trail in the park. It is essentially a fire road but highlights some really amazing views and will connect you to the rest of the trail systems in the park! The only thing to make sure and watch out for is on coming riders and sometimes jeeps or buggies. Any of the GREEN trails that shoot off Powerline are great loops! If you stay on Powerline and cross over the paved road there are some absolutely stunning views! My favorite green trail in the park is Old Cottonwood Trail to Meadows Trail. The views up there are rad and Cottonwood has some fun switch back turns! If you do head out onto the trails in the park just remember that Powerline will take you back to Pronghorn and back to camp.

Beginner transitioning in to Intermediate:

If you have been riding for a while and are super comfortable with shifting and breaking and operating your motorcycle in general than you might be getting bored with the GREEN trails. If so then I would recommend easing yourself into an BLUE (intermediate) trail. A lot of the trails that are marked BLUE in Hungry Valley SVRA are marked as such because of a semi rugged section such as sand wash or hill climb section OR it is a narrower trail with a drop off along the side. You may be surprised how chill the BLUE trails are. If you are comfortable in sand, switch backs, narrower trails and hill climb section then you will have a blast on the BLUE trails in the park.  Nearly all of the trails within Hungry Valley are 2 way trails unless otherwise marked. So… if you do try an intermediate trail and encounter something that you don’t like, you can easily turn around and go back the way you came!


I am very comfortable operating a dirt bike. I am very comfortable in a wide variety of terrain.

My favorite intermediate trails in the park are:

Mesa Trail

Brome Trail

Lower Brome Trail

Upper Brome Trail

Tataviam Trail

These are not super technical but have a ton of fun switchbacks and up hills and down hills. The middle wall hill climb is super smooth and fun to climb. You just want to make sure and let off when you get to the top so you don’t send it over the other side. The Quail Canyon Moto X track is really fun with mostly table top jumps that you can easily roll if you want to or gas it and get a little boost.


Pretty self-explanatory

Well if you consider yourself and advanced rider than you can easily tackle any trail in the park. There is really nothing too savage in Hungry Valley SVRA in my opinion. Most of the black diamond trails are marked as such due to the fact that they go along a cliff or are single track. They are all fun and thrilling in their own way.

babes in the dirt

Thanks and Have Fun! - Anya