Husqvarna Demo Sign Up is L-I-V-E for Babes in the Dirt 4!

Husqvarna Motorcycles will be joining us at Babes in the Dirt 4 with the fleet of demo bikes. If you have not had the chance to try out one of these amazing machines this is your opportunity. Please read the following very carefully before signing up for ANY of the demo spots. 

  • To learn more about the bikes that will be available to demo click HERE

  • To learn more about the demo team click HERE

In order to participate in the Husqvarna Motorcycles Demo Program you must bring the following:

1. Government issued photo ID (motorcycle license is not required)

2. Signed waiver release form (this will be emailed to you prior to the event).

3. Proper riding gear. If you do not have these items or cannot borrow, please do not sign up as they are ALL manditory before you get on their bikes.

• DOT approved helmet

• Goggles

• Motorcycle gloves

• Motorcycle jersey or approved long sleeves

• Motocross riding pants (no jeans)

• Motocross boots (no work or street boots permitted)

The above is for your own safety. You must be fully geared and show up 30 min before your time slot with signed waiver in hand. Failure to do so forfeits your spot to a rider on the waitlist.

We have a few different riding levels this year to ensure ladies don't get in over their heads. Review carefully and pick a class that best fits your level.

New to Moto: I have been on a dirt bike less than 5 times. I am not fully comfortable operating a dirt bike yet or do not know how to at all. For this option, you will be included in a training course on site.

Beginner: I know how to operate a dirt bike. I am comfortable with shifting and braking. I am comfortable off-road but am still learning how to ride different terrain.

Intermediate: I am very comfortable operating a dirt bike. I am very comfortable in a wide variety of terrain.


New to Moto Training Course Schedule

Friday April 27th

  • 2pm
  • 4pm

Saturday April 28th 

  • 9am
  • 11am
  • 2pm
  • 4pm

Intermediate and Beginner Demos Schedule

Friday April 27th

  • 2pm
  • 4pm

Saturday April 28th 

  • 10am
  • 12pm
  • 2pm
  • 4pm


Can I request a certain bike from the fleet?

Sorry, you'll be paired with a moto based on which level you choose. No requests please.

Can I sign up more than once or for my friend?

To let as many ladies experience the demos and to keep it fair, you can only sign up once and you cannot sign up your friends. If we see a duplicate name or email, we will cancel the sign up automatically no questions asked.

Shoot! There are no more time slots available, what do I do?

If the demos are full, make sure to stop by the Husky booth 30 min before each demo takes place fully geared and ready to go to get on the waitlist. Often riders miss their class and the next person in line that is ready to go gets to slide into their place. Even though Husky managed to work through a ton of riders on this waitlist, nothing is ever guaranteed so plan accordingly.

I don't have the gear listed, what are my options?

Please borrow from a friend or post in the facebook page for the event by clicking here to see if anyone can loan you gear. If you don't have the gear, you can't demo the bike. It's for your own safety.

Dangit! I signed up and can't come. What do I do?

No problem! Please cancel your demo ticket immediately. This way the spot can go to someone who can show up :) It's very easy and very appreciated Simply log in and cancel the free ticket. Click HERE for step by step instructions.

How do I know if any spots are available from cancellations?

Simply check back here as a cancellation will auto populate an opening on the tickets page.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements?

Demos, just like the event, are 21+. No motorcycle license is needed to participate.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?


Alright! Now that you are well informed, click HERE to sign up for the ride of your life!