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babes in the dirt

The Thousand Oaks Powersports trackside support program is ready to roll to Babes In The Dirt 4!  We’ve been doing trackside support for racers since 1987. In 1998 Yamaha asked us to be their official Yamaha Blu Cru trackside support team for the Southwest United States. Our amatuer race program has sponsored riders like Mike and Jeff Alessi, Josh Hansen, Josh and Justin Hill, Cole Seely, Andrew Short, former Supercross Champion Ryan Villopoto. Our current race team has some seriously good talent including motocross, enduro and flat tack riders from all over the country. During Babes Ride Out our Trackside support team will be at your service. If you’ve got bike or gear problems please come by our rig so we can get you sorted out. This year’s trackside support team will be led by TOPS Race Team Manager Gary Garner and Parts Manager Mark Peifer.

babes in the dirt
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Name: Gary Garner

Title: Trackside Support Manager and Technician. Parts department leader. Purveyor of good times.

Years Riding: 47 years

Years running trackside support: Since 1987. Yamaha officially asked us to to their trackside support in 1998 and we’ve done it ever since.

Favorite Beverage: Coors Light

Last live music show you saw: Chevy Metal!

Favorite motorcycle: My Yamaha YZ 250

Favorite rider: Bob Hannah. He inspired me to get into racing. I got to ride his practice track out at Bean Canyon back in the day.

Favorite place to ride: Bean Canyon has always been my favorite place to go. New Year’s and Thanksgiving trips with the family to Cal City are always fun. For track I like riding at LACR.

Favorite thing about motorcycles: Working on them. It used to be riding them, and I still love riding them, but now I love working on them. I really like learning about al the new stuff that’s happening with the new bikes.

Favorite person to ride with: Everybody! I just like riding.

Memorable “oh shit” moment while riding: Grand Prix at Indian Dunes coming up way short on a double. You can’t pre run courses at grand prix races and I got surprised by a double. I hit my head so hard on the bars it almost knocked me out and I jammed my wrist pretty bad but I actually never went down. How did I not crash?! Finished the race. There have been plenty of desert racing moments but nothing stands out like that day at Indian Dunes.

If you’re not doing the motorcycling thing…? Jet skiing. I’m always borrowing my buddy’s jet ski. But I’m pretty much doing the motorcycling thing all the time.

Why is Babes In The Dirt important to you? I just enjoy helping people. I love working on bikes and sharing knowledge. And learning new things. Motorcycling has given me so much and I enjoy passing that along to other riders.

Last minute advice for riders going to BITD4? Definitely make sure you have a spark arrestor. Get ready for a good time! 

babes in the dirt

Name: Mark Peifer

Title: Parts, Accessories and Clothing Manager. Trackside support. Enabler.

Years riding: 32

Favorite Beverage: Whiskey, hold the glass.

Last live music show you saw: Morris Day and the Time

Favorite motorcycle: Right now it’s the new Triumph Tiger XCA. I feel like I could get properly lost on that bike.

Favorite rider. All of them. I get inspired by anyone who enjoys riding motorcycles.

Favorite place to ride. Backcountry routes.

Favorite thing about motorcycles: The combination of serenity and chaos at the same time. Whether I’m riding them or looking at them it still applies.

Favorite person to ride with: Definitely my cousin Dave from Seaweed and Gravel. When you can ride with someone who gets you all the time it makes everything way more entertaining.

Memorable “oh shit” moment while riding: I was riding from Cody, Wyoming to Yellowstone when I rode into a nasty hail storm. I waited out the hail in a place named the Pahaska Tepee Resort. After the hail subsided to just a heavy rain I got back on my bike and made my way up the mountain to the east entrance of Yellowstone. As I neared the top, a wild lightning storm broke out. There was lightning striking all around me. There was nowhere to hide so I decided to keep going. I figured if I’m gonna go then this would be a pretty epic way to go, blasted by lightning on top of a pass in Wyoming while riding a motorcycle. Turns out I didn’t get struck by lightning. As I rolled over the top of the pass the rain stopped and the lightning was behind me. I laughed to myself all the way into Yellowstone. I now have a love affair with lightning and clouds.

If you’re not doing the motorcycling thing…: Probably playing guitar or drums. Or planning another adventure. I have a diverse group of very creative friends so I always feel like I’m being inspired to move in several different directions at the same time.

Why is Babes In The Dirt important to you?: I get to help people live their best life! That’s why we do what we do. Babes In The Dirt is such a relaxed event with such positive energy. It’s great to see so many riders, from first timers to seasoned professionals, come out and enjoy the moment. It’s easy to want to be a part of it and offer whatever support we can.

Last minute advice for riders attending BITD4?  Be ready for any kind of weather!