Kurt Caselli Foundation Partners With Babes in the Dirt 5 to Support On Site Ambulance

Safety is something we take seriously as and event and as individuals. Since we have access to a MX track for Babes in the Dirt 5, we take extra precautions to ensure we have immediate on site help if the situation arises. Ambulances are not cheap and the costs exceed over $5,000 for the event but not having one is simply not an option. Once again, the Kurt Caselli Foundation has stepped in to generously help the biggest part of the cost and we will have an on site raffle to raise the small amount of additional funds needed. 100% of any extra funds raised will into future education that KFC provides annually that focuses on the safety within the off-road industry. Thank you KCF! We are forever grateful for your kindness and care for all those who ride.

Kurt Caselli Foundation

The Kurt Caselli Foundation was established in 2013. The focus of the foundation is the safety of riders and racers in the off-road motorcycling industry. While we understand the inherent elements of danger in this industry, we aim to help minimize this danger to the best of our ability. The foundation has a three-part mission that encompasses safety precautions for riders before, during, and after a racing career.

1. Before racing, we are committed to encouraging, developing, and standardizing safety precautions that will help minimize risk outside of the rider's control.

2. During racing, we are committed to developing, establishing, and encouraging the use of safety equipment and policies to increase the safety of the riders.

3. After racing, we are committed to providing a safety net that allows and encourages former racers to further their education and reach career goals for themselves and their families.

All this is done through the loving memory of Kurt Caselli, friend, racer, son, and so much more. Read more about his legacy and those who keep his memory alive by clicking HERE.

Founded in honor of the legend  @KurtCaselli66 . Protecting and supporting the lives of off-road riders.

Founded in honor of the legend @KurtCaselli66. Protecting and supporting the lives of off-road riders.