DC Dirt Camp Dirt Bike Rental and Optional New Rider Class x Babes in the Dirt East

Alright ladies! We have a rental option open for you for Babes in the Dirt East and since its limited, you had better act fast! DC Dirt Camp has everything you need to get your boots dirty including bike, gear, and even optional instruction that is included in your rental price! Read the below entirely and if you have ANY questions and / or are ready to rent, please contact DC Dirt Camp directly as they will help you get dialed in and ready for Babes in the Dirt East as all info, contact, etc is found in this blog post :)

Babes in the Dirt East

Meet DC Dirt Camp’s Owner and Head Coach BJ Hessler MSF Coach

Owner and head coach BJ Hessler is currently based outside of Washington, DC but has lived all over the US including Rochester NY, Boston MA, and Denver CO. She has been riding road bikes for over 20 years and dirt bikes/ADV bikes for about 6 years. Her 2015 motorcycle tour through Patagonia fanned the flames of her desire to lead tours and teach off-road riding skills. She has been a snowboard instructor, yoga teacher as well as a student of myriad disciplines both academic and athletic. BJ got started teaching the MSF Basic Dirt Bike Curriculum as an assistant coach with Xplor-Int in Nottingham, PA in 2017. She received her Motorcycle Safety Foundation Dirt Bike Coach certification in Mendocino, CA early Spring 2018. She has also had numerous off-road coaches along the way. From the outstanding staff at BMW Academy’s off road school on big bikes, to Danny Walker’s American Super Camp on small dirt bikes, to her extensive training with Pat Jaques of ADV Woman on all sorts of bikes, big and small.

Soooo What Will I Learn if I Opt into Classes with BJ?

DC Dirt Camp aims to help students not only learn to ride, but also to gain confidence and practice resilience; character traits that will prepare students to face life on life’s terms. Mastering the basics on a motorcycle can be empowering, fulfilling and fun! Starting out on a dirt bike is by far less intimidating than learning on a street bike first. The grass, protective gear, and relatively light weight of most dirt bikes make them ideal for new riders. We start with the absolute basics: what all the parts of the bike are and what they do. Then quickly move onto controlling the bikes using the hand controls, especially the clutch. We work through a progressive series of closed range exercises where one skill builds on the prior with lots of practice time on each new drill. Once the clutch us understood, we will work on shifting gears, standing on the pegs, and working toward smaller radius turns, balance, throttle and continuous clutch control as the class progresses. We leave some time at the end for free riding as well with your rental bike. Small class sizes allow for individual coaching and feedback over the 3-4 hours of instruction. Each student will be pushed but also supported and encouraged.

Babes in the Dirt East

Alright! This Sounds Rad, Give Me All the Details!

  1. No prior experience required, just a good attitude toward learning and personal growth! What's included: Dirt bike, fuel, helmet, goggles, elbow pads, shin/knee pads, and free t-shirt, tank top or hat of your choice!

  2. What you need to provide yourself: Long sleeve shirt, pants, over-the-ankle-boots, gloves

  3. No prior motorcycle/dirt bike experience required for class. Hopefully student can and has ridden a bicycle successfully prior to coming to class. If renting a bike without taking the optional class, proficiency with a manual motorcycle clutch, balance/traction in dirt and other basic skills of safely riding off-road is expected and required

  4. To register, CLICK HERE and scroll to "Special Events". Select the day/time you'd like to rent a bike/take class and fill in the form. Payment will be collected at time of registration via credit card. No refunds for cancellations, and rental is non-transferable to other people or other time slots. Please be prompt and arrive at least 15 minutes before your rental time/class starts to ensure all forms are signed and to get geared up. Hydrate before class and/or bring a Camel Pak.

Still need more info? No problem! The quickest way to reach BJ by email info@dcdirtcamp.com

DC Dirt Camp