Come Ride With Us! Fox Women's Ride Day

We've got the entire vet track to ourselves ladies! Babes in the Dirt is proud to support Fox Womens Track day along side Husqvarna Motorcycles Jan 26th at Fox Raceway from 9 AM - 4 PM. The track will be yours the entire day but kids and your dudes can still come and rip the other tracks in the park. No need to preregister, you'll simply pay the standard entrance fee at the gate. FREE Fox Women's tank top while supplies last so get there early! 


  • 8am – 4pm, everyone is welcome / all ages 

  • Free tank top with paid entry while supplies last

  • Designated track / times for women riders only

  • Rest of park is open to all 

  • Fox Racing raffle and giveaways

  • Husqvarna demos

  • NO preregistration, just show up! 

Stepping Outside of Comfort Zones and Advancing Your Skill Set - Brooke's Experience at Husqvarna's New to Moto Training Course at Babes in the Dirt

Careers, marriage, kids, friendships, family and more are things we often try and balance but sometimes we forget to make time for ourselves even though we love all of those magic moments that life gives us with the above. We caught up with Brooke Spiva, former teacher, mom to 4 small girls under 8, and with an attitude of "hell yeah let's go" who took one of the Husqvarna training courses at Babes in the Dirt this year.  Her feedback on the experience including what she learned, how the bike handled, and her overall thoughts on the event as she was able to take the weekend to herself in order to step out and enjoy the camaraderie of hundreds of like minded ladies was refreshing and appreciated. 

I met so many fabulous women who were so very skilled and fearless.  I figure if they can do it, then I should at least try to get over my fears and advance. 
— Brooke Spiva, 36, mom to 4 girls, total ripper!
  • Name: Brooke Spiva, age 36
  • Location: Ventura, CA
  • Instagram handle: I'm too old for instagram!
Photo by Genevieve Davis

Photo by Genevieve Davis

What you do for a living:    

I am a stay-at-home mom with four girls under the age of 8. I used to be a teacher in a private elementary school.  In that school I taught third grade. 

How did you hear about Babes in the Dirt and what made you want to attend?

I heard about Babes Ride Out about two years ago while getting my hair done.   I was busy telling the stylist how I used to surf, snowboard, run, and ride dirt bikes when one of the stylists chimes in and said I should do Babes in the Dirt. Once I heard about the event that was it, I had to go! 

Why did you decide to go for it and sign up to learn?

I’ve been riding dirt bikes since I was a young girl, so I didn’t need the basics, but I wanted to try out a Husqvarna.  I am short, so I definitely needed the beginner class for the tall demo bikes! I also wanted to go on a guided ride, because I could push myself and get better. 

Babes in the Dirt

What was your off-road experience like before you took the class?

I have been on a dirt bike since I was a toddler (on the front with my dad).  I can hill climb a lot of things, but I’m scared of downhills and speeding.  I think the biggest preconceived notion about a Husqvarna class is that you will be on a bike that fits you.  Just know that if you are not comfortable on a huge bike then sign up for the “never been on a bike” class because that’s where they will put you after you struggle with the big bikes.  I made that mistake and had to wait until the end to get on an 80 and boy was that bike fun. 

What was the training class like?

Two years ago (@ Babes in the Dirt 2) I was able to ride the lower bike and I learned how to use a rekluse clutch.  My guide, Ashley, was amazing. She let me ride her lowered bike and I was able to follow the leader on the trails. She was patient and right there for anyone who had fallen. 

How did you like the Husqvarnas?

I love the Husqvarna bikes.  I tried the TC85 and had a blast!! It was super responsive and fast! I took it around the beginner track a few times and then around the advanced track, and had so much fun! 

Did your opinion of off-roading change by taking the class?

I learned that I have a long way to go to get better that I really need to get comfortable on the downhills and on the taller bikes.  I met so many fabulous women who were so very skilled and fearless.  I figure if they can do it, then I should at least try to get over my fears and advance. 

Are you looking into furthering your off-road skills?

Of course.  I want to get to be the best rider I can be so that I can go more places and have more fun. I’d love to be able to keep up with the advanced class someday. 

Will we see you in the dirt again?

Definitely! I plan to get out to every single Babesin The Dirt there is! I think it should be called just Babes Ride Dirt! I can’t wait to sign up for the next class and jump in that TC85 again!  

Babes in the Dirt

Pushing Limits | My Experience on a Husqvarna at Babes in the Dirt 4

It's not everyday you have the opportunity to try out a brand new Husqvarna dirt bike. Coming from a street background, dirt is still very new to me. You'd think if you had years of experience on the road, dirt would be  breeze but its not. It takes discipline and courage to get better at riding off-road and every time I've had the chance to ride a Husqvarna, I always walk away a more confident rider but this year, I actually shocked myself...

Anya about to take me on some of the green routes behind camp. I like to take my time, get used to the machine, and no one is more accommodating than my road dog Anya 

Anya about to take me on some of the green routes behind camp. I like to take my time, get used to the machine, and no one is more accommodating than my road dog Anya 

With the event space changing, I was challenged to try new things. I'd never been on a mini track. Quail Canyon had 2 on the premises and after a few rips up and down the hill side getting used to the Husqvarna, I felt ready to try it. Turns out this track was the perfect area to practice my cornering. The track was wide, offered tons of visibility, and had a few opportunities to get a tiny bit of air. After 20+ times around the loop, I wanted to step it up. 

Ripping it up on the mini track! Cornering was something I needed work on. This track helped me improve my skills! With every loop, I learned so much on the Husqvarna. 

Ripping it up on the mini track! Cornering was something I needed work on. This track helped me improve my skills! With every loop, I learned so much on the Husqvarna. 

In the past I never would have hit the big track as most tracks have tons of fast as hell riders and for me to try and weasel my way in woud have caused carnage. Having the track groomed and all to ourselves only happens at Babes in the Dirt so I knew it was now or never. With a heightened confidence and a pep talk, I hit the big track on the 250.

You could not get me off that track. I stayed on it until my body couldn't take it anymore. There was another girl out there cheering me on the entire time (I don't know who she was but if she is reading this, it meant the world to me). The bike cut into the dirt like no other and soon I found myself going faster and faster. The thrill was like nothing I had ever felt before and the the time I spent out there seemed like a flash. To be on that bike, on that track, in that moment was pure bliss. 

Anya telling me I slayed it! 

Anya telling me I slayed it! 

That night I couldn't stop talking about my experience on the bike and hitting the track. I was so proud that I pushed my limits and hearing that others did the same while demoing the Husqvarna fleet made me smile until my face hurt. Thank you again to the entire Husqvarna team for providing these incredible machines for us during Babes in the Dirt 4. You made hundreds of ladies incredibly stoked and helped me personally push myself further than I thought possible. 

Roll Call | Meet Fox Womens Nina Buitrago

Nina Buitrago is hands down the most influential woman in BMX. In college, she discovered her love for the sport when she didn’t have a car and turned to a bike. She went to the local dirt jumps with friends and was instantly hooked. Most recently, she was named by ESPN as one of the "20 most unstoppable women in action sports” and we aren’t surprised. Respected by everyone, Nina not only proves she can hang with the boys, but she is passionate about growing the BMX scene for women and showcasing their skills on a bike.

Nina embracing Babes in the Dirt 

Nina embracing Babes in the Dirt 

How long have you been on the Fox program and what do you enjoy most about being a part of the team and representing the brand?

I am proud to officially have been with Fox since 2013.

Fox has deep roots from two-wheels, and it’s been an amazing partnership and adventure getting to discover my love for other two wheels: dirt bikes at Babes in the Dirt and mountain bikes at Crankworx!  Also, important to me is that Fox has nothing but love for women who shred, always innovative, and supportive of women and their needs to be comfortable no matter what kind of “shred” we are doing, head to toe!  No one wants to think twice about their gear, and I since day one with Fox I haven’t ever looked back.  

How was your experience at Babes in the Dirt 3?

So awesome!! I have a Harley Davidson sportster at home I rip around Austin, but I have always wanted to try riding dirt bikes and Babes in the Dirt seemed like it would be an ideal event to give it a shot!  Fox had a tent with gear to demo, Husqvarna had a fleet of bikes to demo, Flat Track Coffee was there to keep us caffeinated, 805 beer kept the karaoke going until midnight, haha, it was a blast!  I met so many rad ladies who road tripped from all over, got to go on so many rides, huge thank you to Fox for this experience I highly recommend this event for any of you want to try dirt bikes, and any gals who already ride bring your friends!!! Memories for a lifetime.

Babes in the Dirt

What brought you to Austin? 

One visit turned into an annual visit which eventually turned into every chance I could make it back to Austin until eventually I moved here 7 years ago.  The people, the food, the spots to ride, the great weather most of the year are what brought me here.  

Babes in the Dirt

You’re really into the music scene, name a few of your favorite bands?  

Aside from classics like Black Sabbath, Motörhead, MC5... living in Austin has me diggin some tunes by bands I recently got to see like Sheer Mag, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, and the Dirty Fence’s.

Nina Buitrago Babes in the Dirt
Nina Buitrago Babes in the Dirt

See See Motorcycles | When Dreams Actually Become Come True

Co-owner (Thor Drake) did had a weird dream that this guy was riding a cafe-racer bike and on the side of his helmet was this logo (our logo, with the two big eyes and crazy smile). The eyes are looking forward, or backwards depending on how you perceive it...like you can see the future or you can see the past. Maybe like inspired by the past and creating our own future. So the company had a logo and needed a name, obviously it looks like 2- C's, cubic centimeter motorcycles is too pigeon holed, so See See Motorcycles it was. A dream come true...

See See produces The One Show each and every year and is part of the reason many of us bikers have become acquainted with Portland. What’s special to you guys about the area and why’s it so fun?

Babes in the Dirt


Yeah Portland has always been this little metropolis in the pnw. Oregon has the best skateparks, well at least in the early 2000's it did. Our team did A LOT of that in our past time and then eventually got back into motorcycles as a fun escape from the board world and helped us utilize the entire year, rain or shine. Portland has a quality of life thing that as outdoorsers is really appealing. A lot of interesting people live here subsequently. The caveat is that in recent years it has changed and grown a lot because of it. its grown into a rather big city. Some people who don’t live here just picture bearded men in flannels, tattooed ladies and eating overpriced doughnuts while wearing hip clothing. Fact is... it’s pretty rainy and hard to make a living unless you are motivated…. But we like the stereotype, it’s created some good conversations and some sensational creativity.

Babes in the Dirt

The One Show helped usher in a new generation of bike shows. How do you think the One Show has affected the industry?

The point of the One Motorcycle show was to create a new open and inclusive environment. The first show almost a decade ago brought together all types of motorcyclists. Old guys, old gals, young people, families, racers, chopper folk, and yes bearded men in flannels. It was always meant to highlight the bikes as art and the people who build and care for them as the artists. Additionally, the winter can be pretty long up here and it gave people a reason to get together. The show grew naturally and we’re proud to say each and every show has been way different and doubled in size. We believe the show has had a really positive effect on the moto world. From the garage builder both men and women, to the full fabrication shop, even OEM's its provided a space for everyone a place to participate. Not only that, the show has inspired a lot of other shows very similar in style to pop up. We can’t claim anything but we’re happy for what are little team created with the One Show. Hopefully motorcycle manufactures see the importance and continue to support us. (wink wink)

Babes in the Dirt

IT seems See See is into all kinds of motorcycle related stuff and you always do it in a unique way. What feeds that creative fire?

Everything on a motorcycle has already been done right? Motorcycles are just innately fun right? Just add a little weird to fuel the fire, and combine the two and add a bunch of hard work and sprinkle some creativity on top and you have a tasty motorcycle cupcake… I just how we do.. And we’re a family.

Babes in the Dirt

See See is big on the race scene, What’s next for See See’s racing endeavors?

We’d love to have a national level competitive racing team of some sort, we have a ktm dealership now, almost a year and ½ old. One day we hope to have a full team. As far as race promotion goes, we will continue to host and support the pnw flat track and motocross scene and as many race scenes as we can. We’d like to start hosting off-road races, maybe like multiple day treasure hunt races as well.  We also strive to pump out one to two race bike builds a year that support our current race team and our addiction to motorcycles that we want to see become a reality. We are currently building out a Ural sidecar Coffee Cart that will be attending all the races we can manage!

Flat-track or Off-road?


Beer or Whiskey?

Beer, plenty of it every day.

Would you rather have a rock in your shoe or a sliver?

A sliver because you can forget it’s there… and scramble the word and it becomes silver… which isn’t gold, but yea, it’s second place.

Fast or Slow race?

What the hell? Who wants to go slow?!

Will there be relay races again for the mini-bike races this year at Babes in the Dirt?

Heck yes. Pick your teammates now!

You can keep up with See See Motor Coffee Co by subscribing to our newsletter or checking out HERE or head over to Seeseemotorcycles.com and snag a LIMITED TIME OFFER for 30% off most See See products with the code:  BID2018

Babes in the Dirt
Babes in the Dirt