Husqvarna Motorcycles is coming to Babes in the Dirt East!!!!!!

Husqvarna Motorcycles has been supporting this community since day 1. Yep, the first year we all gathered in the dirt there was about 60 riders and a bit of a hail storm and flash flood warning haha. None-the-less, Husqvarna believed in it and was there on site demo’ing bikes and talking to riders about technique. Since then, they have supported us more and more and we are so pleased to announce that they will be joining us for our Babes in the Dirt East event in Greeneville Tennessee this September! Stay tuned for demo sign ups and more info. But in the meantime lets take a little trip down memory lane with this amazing brand!

babes in the dirt


babes in the dirt


babes in the dirt


babes in the dirt


babes in the dirt


babes in the dirt
babes in the dirt east

Babes in the Dirt 5 Official Video

Take us back to this incredible weekend with over 600 women camping and riding in the hills of Southern California. Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors who helped make this event possible! Husqvarna Motorcycles, FMF, Toyota SoCal, Fox Racing, Kurt Caselli Foundation, Thousand Oaks Powersports, National Hare and Hound Association Garrahan Off-Road Training and WLF Enduro!!!

Moto Anatomy Flat Track School at Babes in the Dirt East

Ever wanted to learn to handle your motorcycle better! Well Pro racer Johnny Lewis is taking over the Flat Track on site at Babes in the Dirt East to host training classes throughout the weekend. Come join in the fun and walk away from this weekend a better, more skilled and confident rider!


Although Johnny Lewis’ roots are flat track and Supermoto racing, the 28 year old native of Coatesville, Pennsylvania has a background in multiple disciplines as well, including road racing and off-road. Lewis went pro at 16 years old in AMA Supermoto, riding for the Factory KTM team. The youngster showed great potential as one of the sports rising stars and eventually earned his first win in the Unlimited Class at Nashville. Lewis switched gears in 2009 and returned to his flat track roots in the American Flat Track series. He captured his first Dash for Cash win in 2010 followed by 3 career podiums in 2011 and his first National win at the Daytona short track in 2012. Lewis has raced a part-time effort with multiple teams over the past 6 years assisting the development of multiple brands, including the Ducati & KTM. Other career highlights of Lewis are being named AMA Sports Athlete of the Year in 2004 for flat track and being invited to compete in multiple international Supermoto events such as the prestigious Superbikers event in Mettet, Belgium as well as being chosen as 1 of 3 riders to represent the USA at the Supermoto of Nations in Italy in 2014. Lewis has also been invited to compete in the X Games 4 times, both in Supermoto and Flat Track, with a 4th place finish in X Games Flat Track 2015 just one position shy of an X Games medal. Lewis currently resides in Center Hill, FL with his wife Alysha and their two young children Maxsen and Clary.

We are a motorcycle training facility with a holistic approach, meaning: we focus not only on the riding technique but also the fuel behind it. Attention is brought to: The mental aspect - how you may be holding yourself back from your greatest potential, your subconscious and how it plays into your riding technique. The physical aspect - we discuss the body and it's alignment and how to use that to your advantage while riding and go over some really easy ways to improve your current movement patterns. General curriculum: - Body positioning - Line selection - Braking - Sliding - Wheelies :P - Basic motocross techniques (jumping, cornering, etc.) - Sand riding plus more!

BABES IN THE DIRT 5 RE-CAP | Our Best Year Yet!

babes in the dirt 5

What a truly incredible weekend!!! This was our 5th year hosting our ladies only off-road campout at Hungry Valley State Park and by far our best year yet. It has been so rewarding to see ladies who started on dirt with us years ago on borrowed or rented bikes with borrowed gear now coming back on their own bikes with their own gear and ripping it up out there. To all the women that learned to ride for the first time or bettered their skills, conquered an obstacle they didn’t think they could, to those who came out to spend quality time on two wheels with friends new and old, YOU are what this is all about and we thank you! This community is full of such amazing and inspiring people and we are lucky to have you growing the sport with us.

So what went down this year for Babes in the Dirt 5? It was back to Quail Canyon MX park, our favorite off-road riding area just 1 hour north of LA. This private space is now our home and with an MX Track, GP track, peewee track , 6+ miles of private trails and direct connection to the entire trail system it could not be a better place to host 700+ for a weekend of good times, good friends and two wheels!

The weekend was jam packed with awesome thanks to our partners!

Babes in the Dirt 5

Husqvarna Motorcycles came out for the 5th year in a row. Yes, they were with us when we were 60 women in hail storm covered in mud! They brought out a brand new fleet of 30 demo bikes for Babes to enjoy and were able to get over 130 women out on the trails for one of their group rides. We hope everyone walked away as blown away as we are at how incredible these modern machines are and how much they can help to take your riding to the next level. By bringing out the crew of Coach 2 Ride, Husqvarna helped to give over 40 women an opportunity to try out a dirt bike for their very first time and learn the proper skills. We hope to see you all back out there next year, practice is everything. We cannot thank Husqvarna enough for what they are doing to grow the sport! Thank you to the Husqvarna team for believing in us and being such an integral part of growing this amazing community! If any ladies are interested in purchasing one of the demo bikes they rode please contact Jet World Powersports! They are hooking up Babes in the Dirt 5 attendees with KILLER deals! (Ashmore has already bought one of the FE250s from the Demo fleet!)

babes in the dirt

Fox Womens made sure that Babes were kitted out in the right gear that fit by offering roost protectors, Moto Boots, and helmets to any riders that needed them all weekend. We can’t stress the importance of having the proper fitting, quality gear when you are out on the track and trails. Fox hosts a survey at their booth every year where they give you the opportunity to share feedback on product. How cool is it to have a major brand like Fox actually listen to you in a way that affects the products they make. Thank you FOX for all that you do for women that ride! Please note that Cinderella moment above as Joy from Fox Racing fits a rider with her MX “slipper” for a perfect fit.

Toyota SoCal helped to take Babes in the Dirt 5 to the next level by turning our humble little pavilion into an awesome hang out zone! They brought the party by hosting a DJ dance party on Friday night and Karaoke contest on Saturday night. I mean really…. what is more fun than a dance party after a day of trail riding? We saw a ton of awesome Toyota rigs rolling in to camp and each and every one of them went home with a Toyota SoCal swag bag. Trophies ranging from mini bike races, to karaoke and dance contests were handed out throughout the weekend thanks to Toyota SoCal. You make off-roading easy!

babes in the dirt

FMF was there to support by hosting Mad Moose Media to shoot photos at the event. Each rider got a pro shot of them in action sent to their phone. We can’t wait to see everyone’s shots from the weekend. Post away ladies and make sure to tag FMF and Babes in the Dirt!

FMF has been around since 1973 with a goal of taking the most advanced machinery to its limit by building the world's best performing exhausts! One lucky winner was able to upgrade their ride by winning 1 free FMF exhaust this weekend at the raffle. Thank you for the support and for putting the !!!! in BRAAAAP!!!!!

The Kurt Caselli Foundation has been with us for 2 year now helping to promote safety and providing Ambulance support for our events (no that is not a Franco brother above) Thanks to them and their Riders First Responders Program, 30 attendees came out to Babes in the Dirt 5 as certified first responders fully trained in CPR. KC66 is such an amazing organization and we are honored to have Nancy Caselli participate in our riders meeting and inspire us and remind us that women that ride always have a place in this community and industry.

babes in the dirt

WLF Enduro came out for the 3rd year to provide trail support throughout the park and ride sweep on the Husqvarna Demo rides. It’s hard to even find a place to start with this amazing crew of people. They do so much for the riding community and it is a true honor to have them as a part of the Babes in the Dirt family! They spend the weekend helping to pick up bikes, tow motos back to camp, and guide lost riders and just give high fives to the total rippers! You will not find a better crew of people and their motto of Further Together runs throughout our event thanks to them. HUGE shout out to Brooke, Trieste, Kate, and Jenna aka SHEwolves for all of their help this weekend working the event. These awesome ladies put their time and energy in to helping out and we are so grateful!

Thousand Oaks Powersports spent the weekend wrenching! This shop came out for the 4th year in a row with their trackside support rig to help problem solve any bike issues and help to get ladies back on the trails. Thanks to them many riders were able to enjoy the rest of the weekend even after unforeseen bike issues.! Mark and crew put the tools in the attendees hands and helped to guide them while they fixed the bike TOGETHER. If their crew helped you out over the weekend make sure and give them a shout to say THANK YOU

babes in the dirt

The National Hare and Hound Association came to Babes in the Dirt 5 for the first time this year. They were on site to help answer any questions about getting in to racing. With decades of riding and racing under their belts these ladies provided so much info to so many riders! We hope to see more of you give racing a try! NHHA hosts a ton of ladies classes in their race series so check them out to see what’s happening in your area. The ladies of NHHA took our little mini bike races to the next level this year to say the least. With classes like 50 cc minis, 60-80cc’s, lemans start 125 cc, relay race, obstacle course race and the ever popular 2-Up Friendship race there was some fun for all. Quite the highlight of the weekend and endlessly entertaining to watch! Thank you for your support and to all the babes that participated in the races.

babes in the dirt
babes in the dirt

Brian Garrahan of Garrahan Off-Road Training taught over 100 women the proper skills of riding a dirtbike. With classes ranging from beginner to advanced him and his crew helped to get riders to the next level. Huge shout out to the champ herself Kacy Martinez for being there to coach and demo alongside Brian all weekend. This was such an incredible experience for so many riders. He offers ladies only classes once a month so make sure and check out his website if you want to take one of his classes! You will not regret it!

babes in the dirt

Our good friends at VC London came from across the pond to enjoy the weekend with us. Not only did they get to experience the beautiful terrain of Hungry Valley State Park by hitting the trails and track but they also participated in the Garrahan Off-Road Training course! It was so cool to host them at one of our favorite events. VC London also brought us the first ever Babes in the Dirt Team Talks featuring Leah Tokelove (Pro Flat Track Racer from the UK), Nina Buitrago (PRO freestyle BMX rider) and Kacy Martinez (AMA Lifetime achievement award recipient and 2018 Endurocross Champion among a long list of other outdoor championships) It was so inspiring to hear their stories of how they got in to a life on two wheels. Thank you VC London for sharing this with us!

babes in the dirt
babes in the dirt

To the awesome staff and crew of Hungry Valley State Park. This is our 5th year there! They spend so much time prepping the track and trails for all the Babes and not to mention the clean up crew giving it their all. Thanks to them we have this amazing space to share with everyone on one of the best weekends of the year.

What we all have built together is truly awesome! We are all leaving this weekend with full hearts and sore muscles. If you enjoyed yourself this weekend will be surviving on throwback for the next few months like we will then please join us for the first ever Babes in the Dirt East!


babes in the dirt

Photos by Heidi Zumbrun



Hi Ladies!!!!! We are so excited to see everyone this weekend for Babes in the Dirt 5! We put together a comprehensive list of everything you need to know. If its not on here, its not a big deal, we promise! Please read this email 4-5 times to ensure you have all the info and if you still have questions, follow the instructions at the bottom of this email for additional assistance.

  • Babes in the Dirt 5 is 100% sold out which means if you show up without a ticket , we will have to turn you away. If you show up without a parking pass, your vehicle won’t be allowed through gates. There is no overflow or “day” parking available so you’d need to park elsewhere in the park and come over (only if you have a general admissions ticket to enter). Only those with a ticket will be allowed inside gates so if someone is dropping you off / dropping off gear, they will have to leave it or you at the front entrance :) A map of Hungry Valley can be found HERE. which shows the entire park and routes to and from the sites in the area. If you are transferring your ticket or parking to another rider, it must be put in their name Tuesday 5 pm pacific as we go to print with the guest list and leave to build out the site for your arrival. Any transfers made after the cut off will not be acknowledged at the gates as we go off the guest list in our hands only and not printed tickets to reduce "fake" tix (I know right!! But attendees have bamboozled us before.. le sigh*)

  • Gates open at 10AM sharp on Friday and no one will be allowed through the gate before 10AM unless you are volunteering, staff, or sposnors. Please do not block any roadways while waiting in line. We will be checking IDs at gate to ensure your ID matches the ticket and that you are over 21. If you forgot your ID, you will sadly be turned away. Sorry! It’s the law / rules via our permit.

  • Upon signing waiver, getting wristband, and parking tag, you will be flagged into parking as you entered and put into the next available spot which is chalk marked. If you want to camp next to your friends, make sure to arrive together as there is no space saving. Keep all items, gear, etc in your parking space. Anything spilling out into the fire road will be removed.

  • Be prepared to show your wristband every time you enter the event space. Simply hold up your wrist and you will be waved through gates.

  • Please check in before 9pm each night. There will be overnight security /late night / early am check in team that will be located in the kiosk. They are military and first responders so if anything arises, please do not hesitate to ask them for help. They will be wearing security shirts.


    We know these are no-brainers but we have to remind all guests as violation of any of these rules & regulations result in the attendee being kicked out immediately and banned from all future events. We take your safety and our guests safety VERY seriously.

    • HELMETS ON anytime a bike is in motion. Nothing will get an attendee kicked out faster than riding without a helmet. We know, we know.. but its not 1965 anymore <3

    • If the ambulance isn’t on site, the track is CLOSED! No riding the track unless you see that big red and blue ambulance on site. Track hours are posted on the schedule of events but as a rule, NO RIDING THE TRACK AFTER 6PM

    • No drinking and riding. Our 24/ hr security will escort anyone who appears to be riding intoxicated off the property.

    • NO GLASS CONTANERS - please do not bring any glass bottles and stick to cans only ..or crap box wine.. that is legit too. 

    • No ripping through camp on your bike or mini bike. Keep speeds low at all times when in camp. 

    • Do not sneak in un-ticketed guests. We will find out…we always do.

    • No touching or going through any sponsors setup, sitting on the demo bikes, etc after activation are shut down. You will be asked to leave if we see anyone messing with these setups after hours as its a huge no no <3

    • No burn outs or hot doggin’.

    • Trash must be properly disposed of. Please help us keep the site clean & leave no trace. 

    • Wristbands must be worn at all times. Do not take off until you leave for good as our staff will be checking for bands all weekend. Make sure to hold up your wrist and show your band each time you enter the site.

    • Parking decals must stay visible in rear view

    • No Eazy Ups can be set up for safety reasons (far too windy!)

    • No burning of any kind at the camping spaces 

    • No charcoal grills are permitted

    • No one is allowed to hang banners or signage at their camp site. It's not fair to our sponsors who've put a lot of work into this event. 

    • No one is permitted to sell or handout anything on site (no stickers, flyers, business cards etc). We spend countless hours cleaning these items up as people trash them 99% of the time and again, it's not fair to our sponsors. 

    Alright! Now that the worst part is over, Let's get to the "what the hell do I bring" portion. By no means is this list the all mighty everything under the sun kind of list but rather necessities we think are important. As always, if you have special needs, pack what YOU need to stay comfortable. 


    • Tent (there are no trees for hammocks). Hot Tip: Pre-check your tent to ensure all parts are there. Nothing is worse than missing stakes, rods, or flys. It gets super windy out there so secure your stuff or it wont be there when you return from your ride.

    • Sleeping Pad 

    • Sleeping Bag Hot Tip (check weather to see temps to see if you'll need additional blankets)

    • Headlamp 

    • Water bottle and a gallon of water per person per day! There is NO drinkable water on site

    • Cooler full of snacks and adult beverages

    • Wet wipes / face wipes

    • Sunscreen! The weather is very unpredictable so plan for the worst and the best :)

    • Basic toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, face lotion etc)

    • Portable phone charger

    • Hand sanitizer 

    • EXTRA toilet paper. It's for your own good. 

    • Your favorite pair of sweatpants to chill in

    • Camp chair

    • Trash bags. You are responsible for your garbage aka leave no trace

    • Pillow

    • Extra fuel for your moto

    • Clothes for warm days and cold nights (we will have Babes in the Dirt hoodies and windbreakers for sale!)

    • Your motocross gear if you have it

    • $$ always have cash on you no matter what. Where we are set up has 0 wifi / spotty wifi so credit cards may not be accepted depending on signal.

    • $$ cash for merch (just wait until you see the Babes in the Dirt exclusive merch with Fox Womens!)

    • $$ cash for food truck

    • Credit Cards (doing our best to get wifi)

    • Camera or GoPro

    • Positive mental attitude. Be nice, say hello to your neighbor, and remember, ladies are here because the love to ride dirt or are interested in it. 

    HOT TIP: Before you start packing up, have your dirt bike serviced and ensure it has a spark arrestor BEFORE you come to the event. Tickets can cost up to $800 in fines as the state park takes fire prevention in California very seriously. As always, it is no one's responsibility but yours to fix ya hooptie so take it in and be confident that your bike will be a runner.








If you still have questions and you did not find answers here or on the ticket FAQ, please email babesrideout@gmail.com before Tuesday 5 pm or forever hold your peace (as we will be on site building and won’t be able to answer you after that). Thank you so so so much and safe travels to Babes in the Dirt 5.


The Official Babes in the Dirt 5 Schedule of Events

We are one week out from Babes in the Dirt 5! Ready? Us too! Below you’ll find the schedule of events for this year’s activities. Take a few minutes over the 2nd cup of morning coffee and dive in. At the bottom is a list of consolidated links to help you navigate the weekend so give those a few clicks too.


Friday April 26th

10am: SHARP: Gates open to guests. Everyone MUST sign a waiver and get a wristband & hang your parking tag in your rear view mirror.

12pm: MANDATORY Riders meeting at pavilion (for those who have arrived)

12pm-8pm Food & beverage available for purchase from Chef TLC

12:30pm: Husky Demos start . If you missed the sign ups, stop by 30 min before each demo to see if there are any open spots from those who did not show up.

2pm: Garrahan Off-road training course starts for those who have signed up

5pm-7pm: VC London team talks inside pavilion

6pm: Track closes. Everyone must be off the MX track by 6pm sharp.

7pm-10pm: Toyota SoCal welcome DJ dance party in side pavilion

10pm: Unwind, quiet campfire hangs,  time to rest up for the next day of riding

10:30pm: Generators must be shut off

Saturday April 27th

7am-10am: Breakfast / coffee for purchase by Chef TLC

8am Garrahan Off-road training course begins for those who signed up

9:15am: MANDATORY riders meeting at pavilion.

9am: Husky demos start

12pm-4pm: Lunch & snacks for purchase all day by Chef TLC

5pm-8pm: Dinner for purchase by Chef TLC

4pm-6pm: National Hare and Hound mini bike races at mini track. Must be pre-registred (stop by their booth to do so).

6pm: Track closes. Everyone must be off the MX track by 6pm sharp.

6:30pm: Raffle!!!

7pm-10pm: Karaoke dance party sponsored by Toyota SoCal in pavilion

10pm: Unwind, quiet campfire hangs

10:30pm: Generators must be shut off

Sunday April 28th

9am-10am: Husky demos are open, first come first serve. If you missed out on a demo, stop by their booth to see if you can take a rip!

8am: Garrahan Offroad training course for those who signed up

1:30pm: Pack up and head home. See you next year!

2pm: ALL GUESTS AND VEHICLES MUST BE OFF PROPERTY (unless you are taking a class or demoing, then 3pm max.

We can’t believe this event sold out! Friendly reminder we are maxed out on space and there is no additional parking / overflow. If your car / truck does not have a parking pass, you must carpool.

  • JOIN THE BABES IN THE DIRT 5 FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE BY CLICKING HERE . You can link up with ladies, say hi, buy/sell tickets and parking passes on this page. All transfers must be done by Tuesday 4/23 midnight.






Babes in the Dirt 5