Babes in the Dirt 4 information

Babes in the Dirt 4 Has Moved Location to Quail Canyon MX Park | Still Within the Same SVRA , Different Address, Way More Space, and Real Toilets!

We are blown away by the support from all the ladies who have donated to keep Babes in the Dirt 4 going. We can't thank you enough for helping us make this event better for all who attend. Because of you, we are so excited to announce that Babes in the Dirt 4 just got a major upgrade! We will now be having the event at the Quail Canyon Event Space and Motocross Track within Hungry Valley SVRA. It's much easier to get to, has far more room, we’ve rented the entire place out, and added heaps of amenities for maximum good times. The new location is still in the park but you can only get to it by following directions to this addressQUAIL CANYON EVENT SPACE 36000 Quail Canyon Road, Lebec, CA 93243

Ok, so what does this mean exactly? MORE AMENITIES! Here is the GOOD stuff that is going to make this event better for you! 

  • We can now fit every single person, truck, trailer, RV in one space! Event is still 21+ and ladies only. The vehicle fee is still $10 per vehicle (that includes truck+dirt bike trailer / RV / toy hauler) paid at kiosk CASH ONLY
  • We hired an ambulance to be on site
  • Flushing toilets (Thank GOD!)
  • Sinks with running water to brush teeth / wash face | Please note there is NO DRINKING water on site
  • Fire pits to say warm
  • Amazing roofed and walled pavilion to stay even warmer
  • 100 acres of private land to moto on, that's right we went B I G to give you more un-obstructed space! 
  • Excellent beginner loops inside the event space
  • Access to entire park for those of you seeking adventure 
  • Elevated off-loading ramp to back into and unload your moto easily
  • Private MX track for intermediate riders / not for beginners
  • Private beginner track 
  • Private security
  • Food truck on site (cash only)
  • Coffee truck on site (cash only)
  • Karaoke showdown in hanger Sat night
  • Meet and great social Friday night
  • There is more, you'll just have to wait and see! 

If you have any questions, please email We are happy to assist in any way we can. Click on the red marker to get directions from where you are coming from. 

 QUAIL CANYON EVENT SPACE 36000 Quail Canyon Road, Lebec, CA 93243