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Failing, It's Going to Happen | A Guide to Staying Mindful & Managing Expectations When Learning to Ride Dirt

Discouragement is something that can come from learning any new challenging thing. As more and more people take to the dirt, we think it’s important to talk about how to overcome the mental block we sometimes experience from “failing” or not advancing as quickly as you think you should. Take it from me, if I had a $1 for every time I failed hard while riding (or in life), I’d be richer than Oprah.

Manage Expectations

Street to Dirt? Should be Easy Right?! Not exactly. For the majority of riders, going from street to dirt may seem like a breeze but we promise its an entirely different animal. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been riding street for over 10 years, the dirt will humble even the most skilled person (and that is ok!). These machines do not acknowledge ego so if you go into it with a level you think you should be at but simply are not there yet, you are going to have a really hard time focusing on learning or potentially getting injured.

  • Slow down (mentally and physically)

  • Invest in quality gear that fits

  • Accept that you are starting as a new rider all over again

  • Take the time to learn trail etiquette

  • Stick to open spaces and green trails then work your way up

  • Don’t give up

Practice Makes Perfect

You won’t become a better rider without putting in the seat time. Make the effort to add a few ride days with pals who are a bit more experienced on your ical and enjoy the camaraderie that follows. The feedback, cheerleading, and advice you’ll get while on the trail from your buds is the best . Whatever you do, don’t give up. No friends yet? Well damn… come to Babes in the Dirt 5 and meet some :)

Take Lessons | Ask Questions | Watch YouTube Videos

There are so many incredible classes you can take to become a better rider. Google your area to see what is close to you, you might be surprised. Nothing in your area? There is a world of YouTube videos on technique that you can watch and apply on your own.

Some of our favorite classes are taught by:

Babes in the Dirt

Babes in the DIrt 4 Gear Demo Presented by Fox Womens

We can't stress the importance of safety gear when it comes to riding, especially riding dirt. Lucky for Babes in the Dirt, Fox Womens makes the best protection out there and will be demoing gear at Babes in the Dirt 4. Stop by their booth to get suited and booted but please know, there are limited amounts of gear and demos will be rotated hourly so no hoggin' babes! Try it, love it, and return to give everyone a chance to experience the line up. 

 "Ready to go over the handlebars....again" - Brittany Wood | Photo by Genevieve Davis 

 "Ready to go over the handlebars....again" - Brittany Wood | Photo by Genevieve Davis 


Specifically sized for Women, the Womens Comp 5 uses a Womens last (fit in the foot area) and specific shorter overall height on the smaller sizes. Support and coverage comes from a durable plastic shinplate, medial guard and toe cap.

"The boots are probably the most comfortable women’s MX boots I've ever ridden in."  -  Dirtrider.com

"The boots are probably the most comfortable women’s MX boots I've ever ridden in." Dirtrider.com

The V1 helmet uses an injection molded polycarbonate shell, internal EPS liner and removable washable comfort liner and cheek pads and meets ECE 22.05 and DOT standards. This proven design provides reliable protection from debris and falls. Optimal airflow, a plush liner, and an exceptional fit contribute to the helmets phenomenal comfort.

For an excellent fit, the Fox V1 Race Helmet is engineered in three shells and four EPS dimensions and comes in 6 sizes ranging from XS-XXL. By providing different specifications for each helmet size, you achieve a more accurate and precise fit. The varying sizes and fits mean you can more easily find your perfect match.

There is no reason a full-face motocross helmet should overheat, turning the interior into a sweaty mess. The Fox V1 Race Helmet features an advanced ventilation system to keep you cool, calm and focused. With nine intake and four exhaust vents, the helmet provides a rush of fresh air as you ride and allows heat and moisture to escape. The combination of circulating air and a soft helmet liner will help keep you comfortable even in the scorching heat.

R3 Roose Deflector

The Womens R3 uses an anatomically correct injection molded plastic chest plate to achieve the perfect fit on female riders. Shoulder, back, and bicep coverage uses the same durable plastic that is used on the chest plate. It has fully adjustable and removable padded arm guards. This comes in sizes S/M and M/L.

Please visit https://www.foxracing.com/us/info/sizechart for more information on sizing.