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Tuned to Perfection | FMF is Coming to Babes in the Dirt 5

We are proud to have FMF aka Flying Machine Factory on site this year at Babes in the Dirt 5. When you are looking to add power, speed, and over-all performance you do not need to look much further than a FMF Racing exhaust system! Not only will FMF be providing on site support by speaking to ladies on how to enhance their riding experience, they are also hosting the track photographer to ensure you gets some pics of yourself catching air, and are also donating exhaust systems to the raffle to help us raise additional funds for the on site ambulance.

FMF | Enhancing rider experience since 1973

FMF | Enhancing rider experience since 1973

FMF founder Don Emler, built his business from his garage in 1973 into a prominent motorcycle parts company. Over the decades, FMF has seen an amazing transformation in the world of motorcycles and ATVs. The progression of the technology is one of the challenges that keeps them going. FMF was there in the days when the singleshock and watercooled engines were huge innovations and we’re glad to be here now for the aluminum chassis and electronic fuel injection. Their goal will never change – take the most advanced machinery to its limit by building the world’s best performing exhausts. And its a fact, they’ve build every exhaust by hand from start to finish right here in the U.S.

At the end of the day, there is always one major force keeping FMF motivated–throwing a leg over the bike and heading for the trails or the track. The biggest reward for them is knowing they are helping customers get the most out of their riding experience.

Every exhaust is made right here in California. Give this video a watch to see how its done & make sure to stop by their booth to learn more. Connect socially by clicking here @FMF73