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Roll Call | Meet Fox Womens Nina Buitrago

Nina Buitrago is hands down the most influential woman in BMX. In college, she discovered her love for the sport when she didn’t have a car and turned to a bike. She went to the local dirt jumps with friends and was instantly hooked. Most recently, she was named by ESPN as one of the "20 most unstoppable women in action sports” and we aren’t surprised. Respected by everyone, Nina not only proves she can hang with the boys, but she is passionate about growing the BMX scene for women and showcasing their skills on a bike.

Nina embracing Babes in the Dirt 

Nina embracing Babes in the Dirt 

How long have you been on the Fox program and what do you enjoy most about being a part of the team and representing the brand?

I am proud to officially have been with Fox since 2013.

Fox has deep roots from two-wheels, and it’s been an amazing partnership and adventure getting to discover my love for other two wheels: dirt bikes at Babes in the Dirt and mountain bikes at Crankworx!  Also, important to me is that Fox has nothing but love for women who shred, always innovative, and supportive of women and their needs to be comfortable no matter what kind of “shred” we are doing, head to toe!  No one wants to think twice about their gear, and I since day one with Fox I haven’t ever looked back.  

How was your experience at Babes in the Dirt 3?

So awesome!! I have a Harley Davidson sportster at home I rip around Austin, but I have always wanted to try riding dirt bikes and Babes in the Dirt seemed like it would be an ideal event to give it a shot!  Fox had a tent with gear to demo, Husqvarna had a fleet of bikes to demo, Flat Track Coffee was there to keep us caffeinated, 805 beer kept the karaoke going until midnight, haha, it was a blast!  I met so many rad ladies who road tripped from all over, got to go on so many rides, huge thank you to Fox for this experience I highly recommend this event for any of you want to try dirt bikes, and any gals who already ride bring your friends!!! Memories for a lifetime.

Babes in the Dirt

What brought you to Austin? 

One visit turned into an annual visit which eventually turned into every chance I could make it back to Austin until eventually I moved here 7 years ago.  The people, the food, the spots to ride, the great weather most of the year are what brought me here.  

Babes in the Dirt

You’re really into the music scene, name a few of your favorite bands?  

Aside from classics like Black Sabbath, Motörhead, MC5... living in Austin has me diggin some tunes by bands I recently got to see like Sheer Mag, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, and the Dirty Fence’s.

Nina Buitrago Babes in the Dirt
Nina Buitrago Babes in the Dirt

Meet Desirae | Fox Women's Athlete and Babes in the Dirt Flyer Artist

Desirae grew up on the Canadian prairies on a farm just a few miles north of the American border.  She spent most of her childhood outdoors, being covered in mud with dirt under her nails, fighting with her brother, or beside her mom painting or drawing as she crafted.  Her mom always struggled with the balance between being what was expected and being who her daughter was, a tomboy.  Fast forward to today, Desirae has moved passed that struggle of defining herself and has accepted who she is in the good and the bad.  She has a passion for the outdoors, business, motorcycles, art, design and connecting with REAL people.  She runs a small freelance marketing business paired with her work as an artist. She co-owns a landscape company with her husband and will be starting another new venture this year with her family. She’s spent a lot of time between various projects, but really enjoys the time in between, the time she works hard to have, when she can hop on a bike, board, or motorcycle and clear her head of everything.  She’s on a pursuit of passion and happiness, living intentionally as possible and filling her life with good people.

How long have you been working with Fox and what do you enjoy most about being a part of the team and representing the brand?
I’ve officially been with the Fox program 4 years now but I’ve been wearing Fox since I was a youngin’ on a YZ80!  Being part of the Fox Women’s team is more than representing the clothes or gear, it’s about embracing who you are, the outdoors and connecting with kindred spirits.  That’s easily been my favorite part, meeting all these amazing women who I instantly vibe with.  I grew up not having that and I’m really thankful that Fox has connected me with so many rad inspiring babes!

Babes in the Dirt

Where are you from originally, and how long have you been in Manitoba, Canada?
I’m originally from a small piece of land in Manitoba, Canada and I currently reside in a small quiet town - which I love!

Do you get cabin fever during the Winter? What do you do to kill the time?
I’ve always embraced winter, so cabin fever isn’t too bad for me, but I definitely don’t embrace -31F weather…the air shouldn’t hurt! When Mother Nature is being reasonable, I spend a lot of time hiking trails with my dogs, fat biking or snowboarding!  Winter months are also great for me to focus on my artwork.

You’re an amazing artist, tell us about how you started? What inspired you?
I’ve always been an art nerd. I used to spend a lot of time doing pencil drawings and didn’t even think about painting, "I didn’t like color”. That changed eventually and I began to explore painting around the same time I came back into racing motocross. Seems like everything fell into place and I found my muse.

Babes in the Dirt

You’ve been designing the invite for Babes, how did that start?
The invite/poster artwork for Babes I think followed my helmet submission for Babes Ride Out 2? I reached out to them to submit a painted helmet, which ended up being a Cry Baby “Delinquent” tribute and I think the following year they reached out to me about Babes in the Dirt.  


How long have you been riding Dirt Bikes, MTB, Street for?
I’ve been riding dirt bikes for nearly 20 years- what! Mountain biking is still pretty new to me, I think I’m in my 3rd year.  I bought my Harley Sportster around the same time I got my license and that was 2.5 years ago.

Tell us about any plans you have for 2018.
2018 is going to be busy! I have a solo art show in July and I’m helping my mom live out her dreams by working with her and my brother on a new business venture!
Aside from business, headed to my favorite place, Squamish, B.C in August to ride
mountain bikes and I’m hoping to get a chance to swing my leg over a flat track bike this summer - I’ve been itching to do that for so long!

Babes in the Dirt

What advice would you give other women who want to participate in MX, MTB, or Street
Moto, mountain biking and street are so much the same in that they each have their
own community and family like vibe! Don’t be afraid to connect - people are so
willing to share their passion, knowledge and experience if you just begin the

Babes in the Dirt