Ladies Only Off-Roading Events

Babes in the Dirt 5 | Ticket Sales are L-I-V-E

Babes in the Dirt 5 ticket sales are L I V E ! We have rented the entire Quail Canyon MX Park and group site April 26th-28th for a ladies only weekend of off road fun! You must be pre-registered to attend and tickets are non refundable.

Who it's for:

This is a ladies only dirt bike & ATV campout for those who want to explore dirt and learn riding fundamentals. We cater to ladies new to dirt to advanced so come with the mindset to be challenged but most importantly, to have FUN!

The Basics

This weekend is about off-roading, camping, and good times with friends so high five your neighbor, they could easily become your new BFF.  Rain or shine, gates to the group site will open at 10:00 AM sharp on Friday April 26th. The group site has limited space and there is no assigned camping spots. If you buy a ticket, you will have a space but under no circumstances is "saving spots" allowed once you arrive. If you wan to be next to your bud, arrive together.

What ticket do I need? Explain them! What do they get me?

No problemo! 

General Admission 

  • 2 nights of camping 

  • A small "thank you" gift consisting of a sticker for your ride, button and key chain

  • Flushing toilets and a place to brush your teeth (did we mentioned they are cleaned and stocked around the clock?)

  • Entertainment 

  • Games

  • Full access to private MX track groomed daily

  • Full access to private GP track

  • Access to entire park from our site

  • Access to sign up for free Husqvarna demos / learn to moto classes (TBD on sign ups and they are limited)

  • Fun giveaways from our sponsors

  • Free clinics (TBD on time slots) 

  • Overnight security 

  • Our gratitude for helping us make this event possible, we seriously couldn't do it without you! 

Vehicle Parking Pass

  • Admits any (1) vehicle or vehicle + trailer into the space that is under 30ft or less in its entire length. 

  • Every passenger + driver must have a general admission ticket to enter.

Vehicle Parking Pass 30ft + 

  • Admits (1) vehicle into the space that is 30+ ft or more in its entire length.

  • Every passenger + driver must have a general admission ticket to enter. make sure to scroll down to see what will be on site and what won't be.  

Don’t have a dirt bike but want to learn? No problem! We recommend renting a bike from Gorman Motorsport Rentals!  Ask for Glory 805-620-2620. They are ONLY open on weekends so please be patient as they are family owned and you ladies always bring in a surge of calls. Let them know your with our event at Quail Canyon MX Park. 

*We will have Husqvarna on site with a limited # of demo bikes (please stay tuned for more information on how to get on the list to give one a spin as that sign up launches closer to the date of the event). These bikes will be on rotation so if you want to ride all day, please rent from a trusted rental agency so you are guaranteed to have your own bike. 


Please note, these are just a few FAQs that are dirt specific. To know all FAQ for all BRO events click HERE

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? All our events are 21+ and ladies only.  IDs will be checked before you enter the site so make sure it matches the name you register with. Everyone MUST be pre registered to attend. 

Why are you charging this year? We have been so stoked to foot the bill the past 4 years but as the event grows, so do the many costs to be able to produce it. The ticket fee and parking for trailers, toyhaulers, and RVS go to cover the many line items that go into producing an event of this magnitude to ensure it can continue to exist. Thank you for helping <3!

What kind of transportation is allowed?  Cars, trucks, trailers, toy haulers, and RVs are welcome inside the campsite but parking is limited due to space. There is a parking fee for anything behind towed behind a car or truck as you'd be taking up much more space which reduces the # of attendee space. Looking for a ride? Hit up our event page on Facebook to see if you can hop in with another attendee. 

What sticker does my bike need? Does my bike need a spark arrestor? Red or green and YES you will get ticketed if you do not have a spark arrestor. Please read all the rules and regs for your offroad vehicle by clicking this link 

Can I bring my pet into the event? No animals can be in the group site unless they are service dogs. This is not a pet friendly environment. 

How will I know when the Husqvarna registration,  classes, etc are open for registration? If you are registered to attend, you will get an email announcing it. If you aren't paying attention, you may miss it! We do not have a date for when the email will go out (please don't ask <3). 

Can I get a refund? Tickets are non refundable but you can transfer up until registration ends. 

How do I contact the park for additional information about the trails, weather, terrain, longitude and latitude, wind speed, composition report of the dirt substance?!

  • Public Information Inquiries: (916) 324-4442

  • Email: 

  • Website: OHV Parks CA GOV

  • Link to view our campsite: Click HERE 

Are there medics on site? Every ranger is trained as a first responder. We have hired a private ambulance staffed with two EMTs for track hours only. The closest hospital is 20-30 min away and the site is set up for air vac. Please contact the park with any questions or concerns. All riders will ride at their own risk (916) 324-4442. 

What should I bring into the event?

  • Protective boots, helmet, goggles, and any motocross gear you own! You can also rent gear at Gorman Powersports. Trust us, this is important because you will "eat it" at some point during the day. Fox will be on site with some extra boots and helmets but there won't be enough for everyone so plan accordingly. 

  • WATER! Make sure to bring plenty of water as the site does not have it. One gallon per person per day is recommended. 

  • Camping gear if you plan on staying the night (sleeping bag, headlamp, tent etc). It is SUPER dark! 

  • A few trash bags! Please clean up after yourselves. We must leave site spotless if we want to be welcomed back. 

  • Warm clothes

  • Snacks! (always). There are no grills or structures for outdoor cooking on the property. Please use the food truck or bring your own propane grill. Charcoal is prohibited. 

  • Drinks (the fun kind to enjoy when the bikes are shut down for the night).

  • Cash for the coffee drinks, food trucks, and Babes in the Dirt merch!  (cards are not accepted) 

  • Battery pack to charge phone. We do have power but it is allocated to lighting the event, not charging phones :) Reception is terrible too. 

  • Extra toilet paper (2 ply.... you won't regret this)

  • Extra gas for your moto 

What can't I bring into the event?

  • Kids. This event is 21+

  • Dogs :( 

  • Easy Ups (sorry, far far too windy)

  • Marketing materials (flyers, stickers, banners etc unless you are sponsoring)

  • Your boyfriend / husband (he will have to find his own trails to rip this weekend)

What amenities will be on site? 

  • A food truck with food for purchase (CASH ONLY)

  • A coffee truck with drinks for purchase (CASH ONLY)

  • Flushing toilets and running water (not drinkable)

  • Indoor pavilion w/ lighting and warmth 

  • Fire pits for bonfires. We do recommend you use the food truck as the weather is crazy windy at night and I for one have burned my food 3 years in a row. 

  • Please remember there is no power at the 0 for attendees to power items 

  • Nightly entertainment

  • Games 

A detailed schedule will be released via email to those who have registered to attend the event closer to the event date. Info for group rides, learning demos, Husky demos, rules regs, on site fun stuff, food truck, coffee menu etc will roll out between now and April so please stay tuned to the blog and your email after you register <3

Art by Desirae @desirae201

Want to connect to like minded ladies now? We have the official event pages set up on our Facebook. Simply click below and check the “going” box.


Meet Kelly McCaughey and Get Ready for the Ladies Only Over and Out Moto Event!

With a love for off-roading, a "hell yeah" attitude, and organizational skills like no other, our dear friend Kelly McCaughey launched into her first event production for off-road loving ladies called Over and Out Moto. Over And Out is a ladies-only campout experience for girls who ride (or want to ride) Woods and Enduro dirt bikes, as well as Dual-Sports and Adventure bikes. Their first event is being held June 22-24th in Hancock, NY (just a couple hours from NYC). We are proud to sponsor this event and can't wait to see this east coast off-roading event become a staple in the dirt, enduro, adventure communities!

Over and Out Flyer Art by Lydia Roberts

Over and Out Flyer Art by Lydia Roberts

"Our first event is going to be a more intimate one, with about 100 tickets available.  I’m already certain it’s going to sell out. ;)" - K.P creator of Over and Out Moto

The immediate goal of Over And Out is to provide access to riding land for women in the Northeast. The property is beautiful and amazing. With over 1,000 acres of private woods & enduro trail network, a covered pavilion, massive bonfire pits and zero light pollution. The little town of Hancock sits right where the Delaware river splits in two, and the routes that explore the Upper Delaware make for some really excellent dual-sport riding.

Heather MacEachern by Joanne Galley&nbsp;

Heather MacEachern by Joanne Galley 

Publicly accessible riding land is practically non-existent. Most land is private, so her immediate goal was to open up access to some great riding terrain so women could go, ride, learn and connect with each other.

"The larger goal of Over And Out is to help in educate women about all the different types of off-road riding terrain and bikes: enduro, dual sport, adventure, trail riding and more. The name Over And Out refers to the two-pronged vision I have for this event: OAO offers completely off-road tracks and trails that go “Over” the mountain (on-site) as well as local trails and street-legal routes that go “Out” (off-site)" - K.P

Private property dedicated to the ladies to rip around at Over and Out Moto&nbsp;

Private property dedicated to the ladies to rip around at Over and Out Moto 

K.P wanted to cater to both groups so that women could ride the bikes they own, but also to facilitate cross-exposure, so they could get a deeper understanding of the differences in these machines and the terrain they are suited for. The more they understand, the more success they will have in riding!

What inspired you to create this event and who is helping you? 

I ride with all men mostly, which is totally fine and awesome – love my guy friends! But, there were definitely times where it would’ve been great to have someone similar to me, physically and mentally, to learn with. So it definitely started with the desire to have a riding buddy who was just like me.

K.P ripping it up. Photo by Dan Sternaimolo

K.P ripping it up. Photo by Dan Sternaimolo

I was also inspired by Babes Ride Out and Babes In the Dirt.  I was drawn to these events to begin with, but over the past couple of events I’ve met some of the nicest girls and have became part of the team that works on their East Coast street event each year.  

I knew more girls would get into riding dirt, and sure enough they have. More girls started asking me where they could ride, or asking me if I could teach them.  But because of the no-land, no-rental situation in our area it can be a difficult sport to get into. So I felt the tides turning toward a great and fun opportunity – to create access and community, to give other girls the opportunity to ride.

Babes In The Dirt stepped up to support Over And Out right away, and I’m so proud to be associated with an event that has grown to be beloved by so many female riders.

I also partnered with the Bear Creek Sportsmen riding club of Hancock, NY to open the gates to their amazing 1,000 acre private property.  The club was formed decades ago by riders who wanted to preserve their access to recreational riding land.

Endless wooded trails!&nbsp;

Endless wooded trails! 

The BCS property is private, open only a couple times each year for AMA-sanctioned riding events, of which the proceeds are typically donated to the local community. This year, Over And Out, will be their first ever all-female event!

How long have you been riding and what's in your garage?

I’ve been riding for about 6-7 years, and started riding the more challenging off-road terrain about 3 years ago.  A majority of the riding I do now is off-road and very technical. For that I’m currently on a Honda CRF150f.

I have a Yamaha XT250 dual-sport that I consider my ‘street-bike’. We live in some pretty countryside with historic farms and old dirt roads. So the XT is perfect for local riding, a ride to breakfast. It has really great power delivery and features and if I need to cut through a field or something I’m golden.

I also have a Honda XR100r that was my first bike. It’s a great bike for friends to learn on or for little mini races on the track in our back woods.  I’ll be bringing that up to OAO as well for mini-motocross games.

What do you do for a living?

I am a graphic designer, writer, and I manage websites, social media accounts, email programs and coordinate events. I have done a lot in visuals or graphics, but also communications, coordinating, logistics and management. Currently, I work for a video production company and a few freelance clients.

I also work with Babes Ride Out to assist in producing their East Coast event in Narrowsburg, NY every year (my FAVE “job”!)

I think it’s these qualities in addition to my love of riding that make me pretty naturally suited to producing an event like Over And Out!