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Babes in the Dirt 4 | Re-cap | THANK YOU!


Wow, just WOW! Never in a million years did we think this event would grow to what it is today. Because of ladies like you, who are growing the off-road community with your sheer enthusiasm and kindness, have helped to create one of the largest gathering of dirt bike loving ladies we've ever witnessed. Thanks to every single one of you who donated to make this event happen, I hope you got to see just how far your donations went. Because of you, this event was our best one yet and so many ladies got to experience dirt without any hesitations. 

This event wouldn't be possible without the support of the following:


Husqvarna Motorcycles for bringing out 30 demo bikes. Thank you for offering classes for first time riders and demos for beginners & experienced riders that were fun , challenging, and so rewarding! If you got a chance to try one of their machines, you probably fell in love. Husqvarna was with us since our very first year when there were only 60 of us ripping trails in between rain and hail storms. This journey would not be possible without the Husqvarna brand and the amazing humans that make up their team. We consider them family!


Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 10.16.45 AM.png

Fox Womens for doing one hell of a gear demo and offering so much free stuff to the attendees that we were in awe! These ladies kicked major ass and were all smiles the entire time. We hope you all got to experience how modern gear (that fits) can give you so much more confidence on the trails (and can be life saving). 


WLF Enduro for running trail patrol, helping pick up bikes, handing out high fives, assisting with a kick start here and there,  capturing epic jump shots, and for all the firewood. We truly believe in their motto "Further Together" as that is exactly what went down this weekend. We can't thank them enough for their support!


Kurt Caselli Foundation for the medical support. With 700 ladies in attendance and 2 motocross tracks open, it was vital to have a full service ambulance with 2 trained paramedics on site for 3 days. We are so grateful to the Caselli foundation for investing in safety and education with every project they touch. It was truly an honor to have them involved and to have Nancy Caselli get to experience the event. 


Thousand Oaks Powersports fixed 106 bikes so ladies could get back out there an ride. 106 is a new Babes in the Dirt record! Their team was there to show you what you can do to prevent maintenance issues and help fix any minor things that kept ladies from riding. Thank you to Mark and Gary for all their hard work!


Sena for us connected. We saw so many riders with their Senas on, allowing them to keep their group together and warn each other of any on coming trail traffice or obstacles. Not to mention capturing each others wipe outs and triumphs! Thank you for bringing the laughs to the event with their obstacle course. Being able to stay connected on the trail was incredible and so much fun!


See See Motorcycles for the fun and games. Never have we seen such perseverance with the mini bike games.  This brand truly embodies the spirit of good times, good friends, and two wheels. 


Garrahan Offroad Training taught over 100 ladies how to ride at #babesinthedirt4 whether you had never been on a bike in your life or were looking to advance your skills; Brian Garrahan and the crew had the training course ready to rip! Thank you for being there and thank you to all the ladies that tried something new last weekend !


Debra, Chris, Ross, Gary, Justin, Maggie, Dawn and the entire staff of Hungry Valley SVRA. These people worked so hard behind the scenes to ensure the tracks were groomed, rangers were in position, emergency planning was dialed, permits were filed, bathrooms cleaned, trash sorted, and so much more! Our parks services are incredible and we hope you return to visit them and many more this year. 

Thank you to all of our raffle contributors!









See See Motorcycles | When Dreams Actually Become Come True

Co-owner (Thor Drake) did had a weird dream that this guy was riding a cafe-racer bike and on the side of his helmet was this logo (our logo, with the two big eyes and crazy smile). The eyes are looking forward, or backwards depending on how you perceive you can see the future or you can see the past. Maybe like inspired by the past and creating our own future. So the company had a logo and needed a name, obviously it looks like 2- C's, cubic centimeter motorcycles is too pigeon holed, so See See Motorcycles it was. A dream come true...

See See produces The One Show each and every year and is part of the reason many of us bikers have become acquainted with Portland. What’s special to you guys about the area and why’s it so fun?

Babes in the Dirt


Yeah Portland has always been this little metropolis in the pnw. Oregon has the best skateparks, well at least in the early 2000's it did. Our team did A LOT of that in our past time and then eventually got back into motorcycles as a fun escape from the board world and helped us utilize the entire year, rain or shine. Portland has a quality of life thing that as outdoorsers is really appealing. A lot of interesting people live here subsequently. The caveat is that in recent years it has changed and grown a lot because of it. its grown into a rather big city. Some people who don’t live here just picture bearded men in flannels, tattooed ladies and eating overpriced doughnuts while wearing hip clothing. Fact is... it’s pretty rainy and hard to make a living unless you are motivated…. But we like the stereotype, it’s created some good conversations and some sensational creativity.

Babes in the Dirt

The One Show helped usher in a new generation of bike shows. How do you think the One Show has affected the industry?

The point of the One Motorcycle show was to create a new open and inclusive environment. The first show almost a decade ago brought together all types of motorcyclists. Old guys, old gals, young people, families, racers, chopper folk, and yes bearded men in flannels. It was always meant to highlight the bikes as art and the people who build and care for them as the artists. Additionally, the winter can be pretty long up here and it gave people a reason to get together. The show grew naturally and we’re proud to say each and every show has been way different and doubled in size. We believe the show has had a really positive effect on the moto world. From the garage builder both men and women, to the full fabrication shop, even OEM's its provided a space for everyone a place to participate. Not only that, the show has inspired a lot of other shows very similar in style to pop up. We can’t claim anything but we’re happy for what are little team created with the One Show. Hopefully motorcycle manufactures see the importance and continue to support us. (wink wink)

Babes in the Dirt

IT seems See See is into all kinds of motorcycle related stuff and you always do it in a unique way. What feeds that creative fire?

Everything on a motorcycle has already been done right? Motorcycles are just innately fun right? Just add a little weird to fuel the fire, and combine the two and add a bunch of hard work and sprinkle some creativity on top and you have a tasty motorcycle cupcake… I just how we do.. And we’re a family.

Babes in the Dirt

See See is big on the race scene, What’s next for See See’s racing endeavors?

We’d love to have a national level competitive racing team of some sort, we have a ktm dealership now, almost a year and ½ old. One day we hope to have a full team. As far as race promotion goes, we will continue to host and support the pnw flat track and motocross scene and as many race scenes as we can. We’d like to start hosting off-road races, maybe like multiple day treasure hunt races as well.  We also strive to pump out one to two race bike builds a year that support our current race team and our addiction to motorcycles that we want to see become a reality. We are currently building out a Ural sidecar Coffee Cart that will be attending all the races we can manage!

Flat-track or Off-road?


Beer or Whiskey?

Beer, plenty of it every day.

Would you rather have a rock in your shoe or a sliver?

A sliver because you can forget it’s there… and scramble the word and it becomes silver… which isn’t gold, but yea, it’s second place.

Fast or Slow race?

What the hell? Who wants to go slow?!

Will there be relay races again for the mini-bike races this year at Babes in the Dirt?

Heck yes. Pick your teammates now!

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Babes in the Dirt
Babes in the Dirt

See See Motor Coffee Co Returns to Babes in the Dirt 4 and They are Bringing ALL the F-U-N!

As See See Motor Coffee Co has grown throughout the years, so have the team members that help support our community.  We are happy to announce our involvement with Babes in the Dirt for our 3rd year in a row and will be headed out April 25th to journey south where the dirt is sandy, the riding is fantastic and the skies are blue. Our Lady Team will consist of team rider and retail / ecom manager Emily George (on her 2015 250 Freeride KTM), team rider and retail events coordinator Paulina Morris (on her 2006 crf250x), team rider and Marketing / PR director Tori George (on her 2014 250exc-f KTM) and long time friends and supporters of See See Erica Price, Casey Lynch, Stevie Whipple and Kendra Adair. 

The "Dream" Team! 

The "Dream" Team! 

What IS See See? 

If the name sounds familiar its probably because we've been caffeinating and moto-vating ourselves and those around us for nearly 8 years now along with 10 years of The Motorcycle Show

Babes in the Dirt See See Motorcycles

It's essentially a pretty cool coffee and motorcycle establishment that sells cool gear ( ATWYLD, Carhartt WIP, Schott, Biltwell, Black Arrow, Strange Vacation, Fox, Bell, Alpinestars, Roland Sands Designs, Brixton...etc etc) books, magazines and has a couple of workshops tucked away in the back where we occasionally pump out a couple of custom rides each year. 

Founded by Thor Drake in 2009, See See was just a small shop on the industrial north side of Portland and was one of the first Poler Stuff and Biltwell dealers. He then partnered with George Kassapakis in 2011 to make it what it is today, See See is not just a brand, but an idea of community that cultivates inclusivity and excitement throughout the 2-wheeled world. See See has partnered with badass companies over the years throwing events like The One Moto Show, races like Dirtquake USA, art shows like 21 Helmets and all around "good-times" for folks to enjoy. 

Babes in the Dirt See See Motorcycles

What's with the LOGO? 

Founder and Co-owner Thor Drake had a strange dream years ago and built a name and brand around it.  The logo was a hat tip to the fact that motorcycles make him very happy. A lot of stuff at the time was all about skulls and being ultra tough: we just wanted to make something different and fun. We came up the See See name to be less motorcycle-centric, but also refers to the style of bikes we like: metric or "cc" bikes. The "See See" also comes from the eyes on the logo.

The Sisters! Tori and Emily 

The Sisters! Tori and Emily 


Our locations found us- both in Portland and in Reno - We don't have deep pockets or investors of any sort, so thats a huge factor in where we landed. We're located in the heart of the growing eastside of Portland and in Reno we're paving the way for an amazing upcoming arts and food district in a creative and historically fun city. We're open for biz Monday through Sundays to get your coffee, beer, wine, hot dog fix!  PDX CAFE: 1642 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR 97232 & RENO CAFE: 131 Pine street Reno, NV 89501 SEE SEE KTM Dealership: 1447 Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR 97232

Best coffee in all of Portland,OR and Reno,NV

Best coffee in all of Portland,OR and Reno,NV

I heard wind of Mini Bike Races at BID? 

Heck yes!  Team See See will be back out at Babes in the Dirt to bring you the annual See See Mini Bike Flat-track Races!  This is a chance to test out your competitive side on a non formal track with informational tips and tricks to racing.  We make it fun and approachable for all skill levels and will let anyone have a go at it with the right protective gear on.  Free sign ups will be on Saturday morning from 9am - 12 noon.  

To sign up for races: Bike must be 125 and under, you must have boots, long sleeves, full pants, gloves and helmet. Need gear? Check out and get 30% off with the code: BID2018 !

Class guidelines (subject to change) : 

  •    50 pee-wee
  •    70-110 middle aged
  •    125 big mama

Relay Race ( teams of 4 with 1 bike, must be a 125). # of Heats for each class depend on how many folks sign up. 

Race Flags. What Do They Mean?

  • Green Flag means - Go 
  • Yellow Flag Means - Slow down, but continue to race respectfully 
  • Red Flag means - Stop racing 
  • Black Flag means - someone is hurt, no more racing  
  • White Flag means - one lap to go 
  • Checkered flag means - End of race! 

Riders meeting will start 30 minutes before the races, at the track start line to go over detailed race information. 

Stay connected and in the loop on all the F-U-N that See See gets into this year ! SEESEEMOTORCYCLES.COM

Babes in the Dirt See See Motorcycles
Babes in the Dirt  See See Motorcycles