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See See Motor Coffee Co Returns to Babes in the Dirt 4 and They are Bringing ALL the F-U-N!

As See See Motor Coffee Co has grown throughout the years, so have the team members that help support our community.  We are happy to announce our involvement with Babes in the Dirt for our 3rd year in a row and will be headed out April 25th to journey south where the dirt is sandy, the riding is fantastic and the skies are blue. Our Lady Team will consist of team rider and retail / ecom manager Emily George (on her 2015 250 Freeride KTM), team rider and retail events coordinator Paulina Morris (on her 2006 crf250x), team rider and Marketing / PR director Tori George (on her 2014 250exc-f KTM) and long time friends and supporters of See See Erica Price, Casey Lynch, Stevie Whipple and Kendra Adair. 

The "Dream" Team! 

The "Dream" Team! 

What IS See See? 

If the name sounds familiar its probably because we've been caffeinating and moto-vating ourselves and those around us for nearly 8 years now along with 10 years of The Motorcycle Show

Babes in the Dirt See See Motorcycles

It's essentially a pretty cool coffee and motorcycle establishment that sells cool gear ( ATWYLD, Carhartt WIP, Schott, Biltwell, Black Arrow, Strange Vacation, Fox, Bell, Alpinestars, Roland Sands Designs, Brixton...etc etc) books, magazines and has a couple of workshops tucked away in the back where we occasionally pump out a couple of custom rides each year. 

Founded by Thor Drake in 2009, See See was just a small shop on the industrial north side of Portland and was one of the first Poler Stuff and Biltwell dealers. He then partnered with George Kassapakis in 2011 to make it what it is today, See See is not just a brand, but an idea of community that cultivates inclusivity and excitement throughout the 2-wheeled world. See See has partnered with badass companies over the years throwing events like The One Moto Show, races like Dirtquake USA, art shows like 21 Helmets and all around "good-times" for folks to enjoy. 

Babes in the Dirt See See Motorcycles

What's with the LOGO? 

Founder and Co-owner Thor Drake had a strange dream years ago and built a name and brand around it.  The logo was a hat tip to the fact that motorcycles make him very happy. A lot of stuff at the time was all about skulls and being ultra tough: we just wanted to make something different and fun. We came up the See See name to be less motorcycle-centric, but also refers to the style of bikes we like: metric or "cc" bikes. The "See See" also comes from the eyes on the logo.

The Sisters! Tori and Emily 

The Sisters! Tori and Emily 


Our locations found us- both in Portland and in Reno - We don't have deep pockets or investors of any sort, so thats a huge factor in where we landed. We're located in the heart of the growing eastside of Portland and in Reno we're paving the way for an amazing upcoming arts and food district in a creative and historically fun city. We're open for biz Monday through Sundays to get your coffee, beer, wine, hot dog fix!  PDX CAFE: 1642 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR 97232 & RENO CAFE: 131 Pine street Reno, NV 89501 SEE SEE KTM Dealership: 1447 Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR 97232

Best coffee in all of Portland,OR and Reno,NV

Best coffee in all of Portland,OR and Reno,NV

I heard wind of Mini Bike Races at BID? 

Heck yes!  Team See See will be back out at Babes in the Dirt to bring you the annual See See Mini Bike Flat-track Races!  This is a chance to test out your competitive side on a non formal track with informational tips and tricks to racing.  We make it fun and approachable for all skill levels and will let anyone have a go at it with the right protective gear on.  Free sign ups will be on Saturday morning from 9am - 12 noon.  

To sign up for races: Bike must be 125 and under, you must have boots, long sleeves, full pants, gloves and helmet. Need gear? Check out and get 30% off with the code: BID2018 !

Class guidelines (subject to change) : 

  •    50 pee-wee
  •    70-110 middle aged
  •    125 big mama

Relay Race ( teams of 4 with 1 bike, must be a 125). # of Heats for each class depend on how many folks sign up. 

Race Flags. What Do They Mean?

  • Green Flag means - Go 
  • Yellow Flag Means - Slow down, but continue to race respectfully 
  • Red Flag means - Stop racing 
  • Black Flag means - someone is hurt, no more racing  
  • White Flag means - one lap to go 
  • Checkered flag means - End of race! 

Riders meeting will start 30 minutes before the races, at the track start line to go over detailed race information. 

Stay connected and in the loop on all the F-U-N that See See gets into this year ! SEESEEMOTORCYCLES.COM

Babes in the Dirt See See Motorcycles
Babes in the Dirt  See See Motorcycles

A Rider's First Experience Going from Street to Dirt

I live in Temecula and worked in MX for 4 years (past life not many know about). I was always too shy to give it a shot because every time the opportunity came around, I was surrounded by colleagues who seemed to be almost pro. I loved going to supercross and seemed to be just fine spectating the sport until Babes in the Dirt was created in 2014. Back then, all I knew about dirt bikes was they were fast, can take one hell of a beating, and the rider often eats it hard. Deep down I was dying to try it.

When we decided to create Babes in the Dirt, we wanted it to be an annual event where women can learn, try something new, and test themselves in a safe environment. If you have ever been to a Babes Ride Out event you know the ladies who attend are incredibly encouraging. With that sort of positive motivation behind me, I  threw a leg over a brand new Husqvarna for the first time at Babes in the Dirt three years ago. 

Getting a run through. They don't call it a crash course for nothing! 

Getting a run through. They don't call it a crash course for nothing! 

As a street rider I can say my first hand experience was eye opening. I am taught sand is the devil and will get you in trouble so at first I was scared when I hit patches of it and the back tire got squirrely. It takes way more core strength and the mental ability to let the bike do what it needs to do to get through sand washes, over rocks, etc. I wouldn't say you give up control, you just have to trust the machine and let it do what it was designed to do. Once I got over that mental barrier (1 hr later BOOM!) I was hooked and by the end of the day I was riding intermediate trails with the Husky crew through Gorman. I had never been so proud of myself for completing that first trail and when I came out at the bottom, the girls cheered for me knowing that I had just accomplished something huge for myself (thank you ladies,  you know who you are!). It instilled a confidence that I had not felt in a long time as nothing is more rewarding than overcoming a fear and challenge with tons of ladies there to support you. Babes in the Dirt will forever be a pivotal moment for me personally and I am so thankful to HusqvarnaFox RacingSeeSee Motorcycles and Thousand Oaks Powersports , SENA, and WLF Enduro for supporting this event to ensure it gives all ladies a chance to get out of our comfort zone, challenge us, and help us become better riders. 

Even though I've been riding street close to 10 years and been on the dirt a few times, I am still a beginner on the dirt with a lot to learn but I can't wait to ride and test myself with the rest of you at Babes in the Dirt 4. I encourage you to sign up for this event if you want to see what riding a dirt bike is like in a safe environment with a ton of support from a posse of ready to encourage you (including me). This event was created for you and you may surprise yourself with how fast you pick it up and how much fun it is, I know I sure did! 

- Ashmore co/founder Babes Ride Out 

Sign up HERE

Heading out on my first group trail ride! 

Heading out on my first group trail ride!