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Sena | Babes in the Dirt 4

Sena will be coming out to Babes in the Dirt 4 this year with some sweet raffle prizes including the 10C and the 10R. Here are 5 reasons why these items have become a part of every ride. 

1. You can connect with your riding buds to make sure no one gets left behind on the trails. 

2. For us dual sport ladies it is easy to connect it to your phone to listen to directions if you are routing somewhere.

3. When you are hitting the track you can listen to music and find your rhythm.

4. You can video record your epic trail rides and show your friends all the fun they missed out on. 

5. You can easily hear when the camera is recording or not through the speakers in your helmet. No more missing that section that you thought you had recorded but accidentally didn't. 

A couple of lucky ladies will be taking home a new 10R or 10C from Babes in the Dirt 4!!! Thank you Sena!

Photo by WLF Enduro

Photo by WLF Enduro


SENA is Coming to Babes in the Dirt 4

As riders we are always looking for fun ways to improve and enhance our riding experience. Its amazing how much one device can make your day in the dirt so much more fun. The Sena 10C has become an essential part of every ride and we cannot wait to have them on site this year at Babes in the Dirt 4!

“Heads up there’s sand on the left.”

 “I bet I can make it.”… moments later tires spin followed by a soft roll into the sand. 

Nothing like a little friendly competition, searching for the best trails, or egging your friend on to ride up an tricky looking path. 

It’s even better when you get to hear them triumphantly get to the top, or watch and record the "not-so-close" attempt. 

The Sena 10C, allows you to connect with three other friends to not only communicate and joke along the ride, but record it all with your perspective. Keeping the sights and sounds of your ride, long after your trip.


Even more-so in off-roading communication is key - keep your group together, warn each other of obstacles, other riders, you're even able to instantly hear if someone in your group needs help. The Sena 10C takes in a step further, allowing you to capture both the video of your ride and the conversations all in device. Sena’s line of unique communication and camera devices doesn’t stop there, visit for more options and styles. 

Sena will be on-site at Babes in the Dirt 4 answering tech questions and challenging participants to complete a blindfolded challenge using only Sena to communicate this year. Think you have what takes?  See you in April!